Video izlenme süresini arttırmak Instagram için neden bu kadar önemli

Video izlenme süresini arttırmak Instagram için neden bu kadar önemliInstagram users will now be able to share videos for up to 1 minute.

Instagram rivals, which previously allowed video sharing up to 15 seconds, aim to attract users from Snapchat and Youtube.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, announced this feature on its blog last Tuesday and shared that it has started testing 60-second video sharing, and that this feature will be used by everyone from the coming months.

So, Why is increasing video watch time so important for Instagram?

Videos have a rising importance for all social media platforms. In the statement made by Instagram, the number of videos watched by users in the last 6 months has increased by 40%, increasing the number of video views means more income.

Also, in the last month, Instagram started to show the number of views, not the number of likes, in video shares, and thus managed to increase its popularity.

In addition to what I shared above, we can list the following reasons behind the investments of social media companies in video;

  1. According to Emarketer, $9.59 billion was spent on digital video ads in the United States this year, up 28.5% compared to last year. Mobile video advertising saw a 47% increase in the amount spent. Among the reasons for this is the big reason that Instagram is a mobile application.
  2. The number of users on Instagram, which has more than 400 million users globally, is increasing day by day. Again, according to Emarketer, the number of users is expected to increase by 15% until 2017 only in America, and also among these predictions, social 51.8% of media platform users will have an Instagram account. It is a fact that these numbers make advertisers’ mouths water to impress the new generation of users and convert them into customers.
  3. For Facebook, which makes developments to increase the rate of video views on its own platform, it is of great importance to create an income model of Instagram. According to Emarketer, it is predicted that 9.5% of Facebook mobile ad revenues globally in 2016 will come from Instagram. It is estimated that this rate will increase to 14% next year.

Facebook continues to develop its video service on its own platform with its live broadcast and 360 degree video features. Last November, Facebook shared that it has reached 8 billion video views from its 500 million users on a daily basis. Although the exact figures for Turkey are not clear, according to my impressions, users are more inclined to video sharing on Instagram and Facebook, and the increase of 15 seconds to 60 seconds is a problem. It seems to please the vlogger as well.

Meanwhile, Twitter has recently introduced the ability to show video tweets high on users’ timelines to advertisers, while Snapchat, which combines photo and video features, is working hard to attract brands and institutions.

As a result, investments to be made in sharing and watching video ads this year and in 2017 in the digital world seem to be active with developments. It is also expected that Youtube, which Google bought for $ 1.6 billion in 2005, will try to protect its market share by announcing new features and even aim to increase it. I think this will lead to spending on video ads and directing users to watch more videos.

Well, how do you find the investment efforts of social media platforms for watching videos? How does 60 seconds of video sharing time on Instagram affect you? How important are video viewing and video ads for you and your organization? I would be very happy if you share it with me in the comment section below.