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Why Do We Upload Photos to Instagram? Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. Considering the contribution of technology and mobile phones to this, the social media frenzy that started with Facebook made its way to Instagram. So, why do we upload photos to Instagram?

Science has scrutinized this subject down to the smallest detail and has connected the social media, which it researches, to gain so much importance in our lives. According to research, the use of social media activates our senses of pleasure in the brain. For example, catching the latest trends on Instagram, uploading photos and socializing there stimulate the region of the brain called “nucleus accumbens”. So what is “Nucleus accumbens”?

This region; It is the most special part of the brain, also known as the reward center, which is activated during pleasurable activities such as sex, eating and drinking. In short, you experience an effect as much as the pleasure you get from your favorite meal or dessert with a like on Instagram.


HSummary of your ayat

The best meaning that can be uploaded to Instagram is the summary of your life, an online album or memory collection center that you can remember by looking anywhere at any time. It serves to inform your loved ones about yourself or to be aware of culture, art, trends, in short, everything. There are also good sides, you can bring what you want into your life, you do not take what you do not want.

Unconscious Facts

When you look at Instagram, everyone is beautiful, everyone is handsome, everyone is rich, everyone is happy, everyone is cultured and inaccessible… Is this actually the truth? Of course not. Psychology, another branch of science, is “Why do we upload photos to Instagram?” It brings a different perspective to the answer to your question. There are different realities and coded situations that lie in people’s subconscious. How satisfied are you with what is happening in your current life and your possibilities? Even if you are not satisfied, you do your best to pretend that you are satisfied. At this point, Instagram enters our lives. Thanks to a photo you will share on Instagram, you can make it look like you are living the life you want to live, which will give you a feeling of relaxation, satisfaction and happiness. This reveals the character in your subconscious.


Why Do We Upload Photos to Instagram? -Desire to be liked

Another important reason for sharing photos on Instagram is the human desire to be liked. You can show how attractive you are to the opposite sex by posting photos on Instagram. Moreover, it is another method of challenging the same sex.

The Irresistible Attraction of Self-Expression

In human psychology, self-expression has a very important place. Social media is the widest place where you can express yourself. However, it should be noted that the intention is also important. It is necessary to perceive the difference between displaying and expressing well…

Final comment

In fact, uploading photos on Instagram is nothing but satiating our narcissistic soul. Well, it is not known whether this situation will reach saturation and end at some point. But we will continue to upload photos to Instagram until a new trend enters our lives…

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