instagramda sizi neden takip etmiyorlar
instagramda sizi neden takip etmiyorlar

why don’t they follow you on instagram

As I write this article, I am following 1593 people on Instagram. Although I am selective about the people I will follow, actually this is a high number. Likewise, people may not be following you for the reasons you will read below. Why am I not followed on Instagram in this article? I will answer your question.

Profile Photo

If you haven’t uploaded your Instagram profile photo, they won’t follow you. Users mostly want to communicate and interact with real people or brands. They think that you are hiding something from them by not putting a profile picture.

If you are using Logo etc, there is no problem. I also follow different brands, even my own Instagram profile photo is a logo work, but this does not mean that I do not share any profile photos.

Upload quality photos that represent you or your business to your Instagram profile.

Inappropriate Profile Photo

Sharing an inappropriate profile photo is worse than not sharing at all. I do not follow those who share a photo taken in a half-naked or unsuitable place as a profile photo. Even if your brand is a fitness brand, you can find much more suitable profile photos to upload.

Everyone wants to follow those who share more professional and neat profile photos on Instagram. Therefore, the profile photo should be shared accordingly.

Profile Description

If your profile description section is empty, full of inappropriate sentences, full of small face icons, if there is irrelevant and unnecessary information, they will not follow you.

You can create your Instagram profile by reading my article on how to create a suitable profile definition.

Your Follow and Follow Rate is Unbalanced

If you are following thousands of instagram users and only one hundred people are following you, or if hundreds of thousands of people are following you and you are following only a small number of people, then other users are following you. probability of being followed decreases.

Instagram is a platform for communicating and interacting with people. If no one wants to follow you, they either see you as spam or as annoying. Similarly, if you cannot get yourself followed, it is understood that your social aspect is weak.

I’m not saying follow everyone who comes in front of you, of course, you should not follow anyway. But interact with people you might be interested in, ask questions, explore interests, connect with colleagues.

Ads to buy followers

There’s really nothing to say about that. If you advertise or offer such a service to buy followers, they will not follow you. People want to follow real people.

Locked Instagram Accounts

If they really know you, it’s okay, but those who don’t know you may not follow you if your account is locked or private. People won’t want to follow you if they don’t know what you’re posting and who you are.

If you are using Instagram for your institution or brand, make sure that your profile account is not private.

Spam Followers

If you write comments such as mutual follow on the posts of Instagram users, they will immediately delete your comments and block you. Do not disturb people with such comments, it will do more harm than good to you and your organization.


Yes, you followed an Instagram account and the account you followed did not follow you back. If you unfollow and follow again, you will create spam and it will definitely not work. Again, don’t bother doing this and attracting people’s attention.

Selfie all sharing

If all your posts on Instagram are selfies, that is, if you are a selfie addict, you can enjoy it, but people don’t want to see a user taking selfies on their screen all the time.

I prefer to follow real people and brands that make real original posts. You can share selfies from time to time, which everyone does anyway. However, if almost all of your posts are selfies, enjoy yourself, but I don’t follow you.

Your Posts Are Not Interested

Your posts are special to you. If you make posts that are not interesting, others may not find your posts useful and may not follow you. However, this should not be seen as a mistake.

I follow profiles that share content that interests me. For example, I don’t think I will follow you if you post about your family, your children, the food you eat, images containing text, or things that do not interest me.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be posting like this. You are not a user to be followed by me or those who think like me. Frankly, I don’t want you to take this personally. Your posts may not be of interest to me, and I understand that.


If I am not following you or you are not being followed under normal conditions, it may be due to the above reasons.

The truth is that I follow Instagram and its developments. I think you understand this from my blog posts. It’s really nice to see what I like and enjoy. Therefore, I may not follow people who make posts that I do not like and that will not interest me.

So what do you think? Are there any reasons why you don’t follow others? You can write as short as you want in the comment section.