Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

Be sure on Instagram, which has more than 200 million monthly active users, your customers have a high chance of using Instagram as well. If they are, they are also talking about your organization or brand. Are they saying good things? Are they voicing their grievances? They may have discourses with different contents, such as So, how can you find out?

There are three ways to find out if users are talking about you. I will talk about these three methods, but first of all, I would like to explain why you need to access this information or information.

In today’s developing and advancing world, customer service and quick answers to customers’ questions are essential elements that will set you apart from your competitors and enable you to grow successfully forward. If you solve customer complaints or requests in a short time, your customers will appreciate your effort and reward you.

For example, you had a complaint about your food at a restaurant you regularly go to, and you took a photo of it and shared it on Instagram. What would you think if the restaurant replied to you about your post on the same day and not only offered a free meal on your next visit? You accept that, right? Because you like the work and attention of customer service. If you go to the restaurant to eat your free meal again, you will be in the category of returning customers. You will probably share this service you have received with many more of your friends and you will have a positive impact. This would be a good advertisement for the restaurant. Because it is an indicator of how easily they turn a negative comment into a positive one.

Well, would you go to that restaurant again when they don’t answer you? I can probably hear your answer no. Well, would you share your negative experiences with others? Most likely yes. Therefore, the restaurant not only lost you, but also lost its potential customers.

This kind of social media customer service is not a new concept, of course. We witness a similar practice in social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. However, as business owners, whether it is because they are not used to Instagram or something else, they sometimes forget or ignore this platform. This is a big mistake. Instagram continues to grow rapidly in terms of both the number of users and the impact it creates. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of this platform as well.

Now, we’ve clarified why you should know what’s being said about you on Instagram. So how are you going to do this?


The easiest way to find out who’s talking about you is to review your tag notifications. When users who share about your institution, brand or products tag your username, you will be notified about this. However, Instagram only shows the 75 most recent notifications. If you’re getting a lot of tag notifications, you might miss some. Therefore, review these notifications regularly throughout the day. The frequency of checking is entirely dependent on the active state of you and your account.


If there is a hashtag you have created about your institution and brand, you must follow it regularly. You can also find posts related to this hashtag by searching directly on Instagram. In this way, you can easily find who is talking about your brand, organization or yourself on Instagram. You can read my article on how to share hashtags here.

Avoid spelling mistakes when posting hashtags. Take care to write the words completely and completely. Otherwise, your posts will be completely lost. If you want to track hashtags on more than one social media platform, you can use the Tagboard site, which shows when and on which social media platform the hashtag is used.

Location Tag

Have you checked in Instagram using geo-tagged location before? You can add the location feature to the photos you have shared, and choose or determine the location of your institution and brand, so that your posts can be found more easily. With this very easy application, you can show your followers and customers where you are. Also, did you know that with this method, you can find other photos shared with the location tag?

Many users and institutions do not use this feature, considering it a bit difficult. However, I strongly recommend you to use it. Therefore, you can make a difference to your competitors.

In order to see all the photos shared in a certain location, you need to click on the blue location link above the shared photo. If you have photos shared with the location tag, you can see the location right above the photo by looking at this photo. You can find all the photos you shared and the map showing the location here.

You can use this not only for your own business, but also for many institutions. However, if you have never used this feature before, make sure to use it. What you will do is very simple, after selecting your photo in your next post, click “add to map” to determine the location, select the name of your institution from here and share.

You can now easily find out who is talking about you, your brand or your institution on Instagram. It’s entirely up to you to communicate with and respond to users who share. You can interact with them, thank them and even apologize if necessary. If you take this approach, you will create brand representatives that will bring your brand or institution to more awareness.

If you have special hashtags that you have created for your brand or product, I would appreciate it if you could share them with me and our other readers below.

Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru