Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms, with over 200 million monthly users. On the platform where almost 20 billion photos are shared monthly, the most important factor for sharing is the subject of the photo. Creating a good subject, taking different shots with your own perspective and some funny shots. As with all other social platforms, when you post is as important as what you post.

Why is posting time important? Millions of frames are shared every second on a rapidly growing social network like Instagram. While Instagram users gain new followers after their posts, they cannot hide their satisfaction with the likes from their followers. Which of us does not want the photo we share to be liked and appreciated? Considered on the basis of institutions, it closely coincides with the objectives of companies such as positioning their brands, increasing their sphere of influence and gaining customers. Digital Marketing experts try to increase brand perception by sharing photos that followers will like.

Don’t post too much in a row

Instagram users don’t like sharing photos that look alike and one after the other. This is a valid situation for users who share dozens of tweets at the same time. Unlike Twitter, when sharing on Instagram is also a photo, the photo sharing that follows each other disturbs the users.

Even if the photos are not very similar visually, it is necessary to take a break while sharing. Social media analysis companies such as Hootsuite and Buffer provide services that allow the sharing to be shared during the day to be determined and automatically shared on the relevant social media platform when the time comes. However, since such a service has not yet started for Instagram, the sharing time is determined manually.

Set the best sharing day and time

As I mentioned in my previous articles, sharing times on Instagram, as in other social media platforms, vary from person to person. The follower profile and the time frame shared are also effective factors. Statigram, which provides Instagram profiles analysis service, shares many useful data for users in this sense.

With Statigram, the behavior of the posts made over time is examined and the reactions to the posts are analyzed. Of course, this examines the times with the highest and lowest interaction levels and recommends an optimal sharing time.

salih bosca instagram paylasim zamanlari

In the table of my own Instagram account above, it seems that I post more in the middle of the day and in the evening on weekdays. However, the times when I have the most interaction with my followers, that is, the times when I need to post the best, are in the afternoon and midnight

The time intervals Statigram will recommend will vary from person to person and profile to profile. In general, I can say that, do not share photos on Instagram when the reactions to your posts are the lowest. An example of this is midnight.

So when are the interactions on your profile the most? When are you posting? I would appreciate it if you could share it in the comment section.

Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru