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WhatsApp Business Feature, you are at the right place for all information about WhatsApp, the popular application of recent times.

What is WhatsApp Business Feature?

What is WhatsApp Business, a new feature provided by Facebook for its users. The reason why its name was not heard until today was that it did not reach enough users during the beta test phase. WhatsApp Business, as the name suggests, is an application that will enable companies to communicate with their customers faster and minimize this time. This feature is not paid for our users wondering.

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Through the WhatsApp Business application, business owners will be able to easily provide both their personal WhatsApp and company accounts with this feature. In other words, company owners will be able to use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on a single phone with whatsapp business download. So how to use Whatsapp business?

How to Use WhatsApp Business

After downloading and installing the WhatsApp Business application on your phone from the Android market, you can create your business profile. With the business profiles feature, you can show your business’s e-mail address and web page to customers. In addition to Android operating system devices, whatsapp business can also be used on iOS operating system devices.

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Quick Response Feature

One of the most remarkable features of the application isIt is Quick Response Feature. One of the most common problems businesses face on the WhatsApp application is having to answer the same questions from different customers over and over. This situation can cause problems for businesses in order to respond quickly to customers. Thanks to this feature, businesses will be able to provide faster answers to these frequently asked questions. In addition to the quick reply feature, answers indicating busyness or ready and fast messages with the theme of welcome will be automatically sent to the customer who is contacted for the first time via whatsapp business mass message.

For example; “We are out of our working hours at the moment. We will contact you between 09:00 and 19:00.” You can prepare ready and quick answers that will be sent automatically or you can prepare ready answers containing the price information of your products. WhatsAppBusiness businesses using the web can see other business users both in their chat lists and in other business accounts.

Businesses whose business phone numbers match their account phone numbers will have their Verified Account badges. WhatsApp Business application is currently available for free in Android markets in countries such as the USA, Indonesia, England, Mexico. It will be available in Turkey in the coming weeks.

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Other Features of WhatsApp Business

You can organize your contacts and chat files with tags and find them easily when needed. You can access statistics such as which of your messages have been sent and read. For the convenience of your customers, your address, business description, e-mail address and websiteYou can create a business profile with  . When you can’t contact your customers, you can set up the remote message feature that lets you know when they can get a reply from you. You can also download the feature to your application with Whatsapp business apk.

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