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Are you one of those who use Instagram every day and actively? Are you saying that if Instagram makes a new update, I will try it first, it will never escape me?

Well, did you notice a small detail? If you have tried to share the photo you shared for the last week on another social media account, you may have noticed that some accounts are missing. Swarm and Flickr options are no longer available on the sharing platform.

instagram, flickr ve swarm uygulamasını kaldırdı


Instagram Removes Swarm and Flickr Integration

We talked about the new updates of Instagram in our previous articles. With this silent new update, Swarm and Flickr sharing options were removed from the application. Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr options are still active.

Swarm is an app that allows you to earn points every time you check-in at a venue. Flickr, on the other hand, is an archive for sharing, storing and organizing photos. Both applications are frequently used. Considering that a person has an account on more than one sharing site today, such cross-sharing applications made people’s lives easier.

Instagram Silenced, Swarm and Flickr Speak!

No official announcement has been made on the Instagram front yet. This caused a lot of speculation to circulate. While users could not understand why these two applications were chosen as victims, other interlocutors began to explain slowly. First, Swarm confirmed on Twitter that the integration has been removed.

“Yes, Instagram made this change last week. We are also disappointed, we suggest you let them know that you want us back.”

Flickr Blames Instagram

A Flickr employee addressed the “unable to share” situation on the forums and stated that this development may occur because Instagram refuses to fix a long-running error. When some users frequently stated on the forum that they blocked the sharing of photos on Flickr due to a possible Instagram error, Flickr official Zee Jenkins said that the error has been documented for “almost a year”, but Instagram preferred to remove the integration rather than fix this error.

instagram flickr swarm


Users can still share their photos on Instagram without affecting the quality. To explain this, Flickr also shared a solution created by the IFTTT user so that users can automatically share their photos over the forums. This temporary solution is unfortunately not prepared by an official application. This shows that technical problems that may occur in the future may not be solved or support may not be available.

Although Instagram, Flickr and Swarm have suffered, it seems that IFTT is happy with this situation.


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