Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

Instagram is similar to Twitter in many ways. On Instagram, while everyone has the same type of user account, this rapidly growing platform has the same interface for individual and professional uses. It looks exactly the same as it has the same format. Similarly, like twitter, instagram users can use their accounts for different purposes.

Some are used for personal sharing, while some accounts are used for business. While some introduce themselves, some share posts to impress others on their accounts.

However you use Instagram, but when you look at Instagram users, you will see that there are three different types of users. If you think that you use Instagram for only one purpose, you may change your mind after reading this article.

Personal Account:

If you are using Instagram for your personal account, you are probably sharing the following,

  • You share photos of your family, vacations, friends
  • You follow your friends, family members, celebrities and brands that interest you
  • You keep your account private so that it can only be seen by your close friends who follow you

Accounts Used for Business:

If you use Instagram for business, you are probably sharing the following,

  • Sharings of your products, services, employees and customers
  • Sharing or reposting photos shared by your followers
  • Following your customers, competitors and business partners,
  • Your profile is open so that your account can be easily followed and seen by everyone

Brand Accounts:

Many other users like me may not be getting into the above two account apps. Instead, there are users who use it to create and promote their own brands.

  • Photo sharing about your work as well as your family
  • Sharing the content created by your followers,
  • Tracking your friends, family members, celebrities, customers, other companies and business partners,
  • Your profile is open so that your account can be easily followed and seen by everyone

Depending on your business and personal use, you may be entering one of the above usage patterns.

However, many people think that they use Instagram for business, but they can use it as a personal account or as a brand account. You need to determine why you will use Instagram well and have shared your profile and content.

If you’re using Instagram for work, you need to focus on that. You can share photos of your products, services you provide and information about your business. You can share images about your employees at work. You can also share the content that your customers using your products have shared. While sharing about your work, it is unnecessary to share one-to-one photos of yourself or your employees. When you look at the accounts of big brands such as Nike, Ben and Jerry’s, Starbucks, Volkswagen, you cannot see the individual posts of their CEOs. On the contrary, you can see dozens and hundreds of posts about the identity of their work.

If you are going to use Instagram for business, only post on that content. Take care to be fun, social, relevant and professional, interacting with your followers.

If you’re going to use Instagram for your brand, you can customize it a bit more. Doing business from homeFor , it makes more sense to use Instagram this way. Especially for housewives or entrepreneurs who have opened different boutiques on Instagram recently, this use will bring results. At the same time, it is more logical to use it this way for celebrities, industry experts and those who want to create their own brand.

Instagram users communicate more personally with those who use individual accounts. Therefore, it is necessary to interact with the followers by making personal touches to the Instagram journey. That doesn’t mean you’ll be posting photos of every meal you eat and every vacation spot you go to.

It’s okay to share a photo or two from vacations or family gatherings. At least you will show who you are. However, sharing photos that will damage and destroy the integrity of your brand will harm your brand. You can share such photos on facebook or open a special instagram account.

Sharing your products and services is as important as sharing your achievements in your profile where you promote your brand. Because your followers follow you and communicate with you because of your achievements, so you need to share the content they want.

Now, it’s time to check your Instagram account. Are you using Instagram the way you planned? Or do you need to reconsider your Instagram usage strategy for your purposes?

Image: Mashable

Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru