Tinder application manages to attract attention as one of the important names for establishing friendships. Making friends is no longer on the streets as it used to be, which is one of the situations that is definitely looked at. Thanks to this great change that started with the introduction of the Internet into our lives, it is easy to make friends at home.

For this reason, every internet user can even flirt, thanks to the applications they choose specifically for them. Well, what is Tinder, which is included in these applications specially established for social life? How is it used? Let’s examine the features of this application together in detail.

What is Tinder App?

When we look at the application, it draws attention as a specially designed dating application. Those who want to meet new people, make friends, expand the social circle and flirt generally use this address. After people put their own pictures on the application, they can easily contact the people they like.

However, this requires download Tinder first. Then the application will be easy to use. Of course, for this, it is stipulated to comply with various rules and to implement what is requested.

How Does Tinder App Use?

The users in the application are selected first and then the person is expected to like it. If the owner of the liked photo does not mutually like the person who liked it, the match situation cannot be realized. Therefore, there is no opportunity to chat.

However, if the user Tinder also shows likes for likes, a match will be made and the chat will start. Moreover, it is possible to see the people who like it via the view likes button. Among its features, the remarkable process is location determination.

In this way, the region can be selected by determining the location. All users within 1 kilometer of the selected region will appear in the profile. After the people who came out are examined, steps can be taken to create a match by liking. In addition, using the age filter feature, it is possible to find people of the desired age.

Important Information About Application!

Tinder users will have more information about the application in the light of this information we will provide. We can list the important information as follows:

  • The application is available for free.
  • It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • There is an official website service for computer use.
  • The app supports Android 4.4, iOS 8 and newer versions.
  • The Plus package should be used in order to remove the like limit and not show the active people on the profile.

Those who want to subscribe can complete the process by accessing the Settings section via the profile icon. When looking at the minimum age limit for users, it can be seen that it is determined as 18. If the records of the people who registered thanks to the cheat are understood, their accounts will be deleted.

What’s Needed To Register_App?

Here are the steps to

Tinder signup:

  • Information can be filled automatically by logging into the application via Facebook.
  • Application can be downloaded by phone or tablet.
  • After

  • Tinder login, you can click the Login with Facebook button.
  • Facebook profile information is uploaded to the application and the process is completed.
  • Those who do not want to log in with Facebook can log in with their phone number.
  • After logging in, the profile must be filled with user information.
  • After tapping the profile icon, click the pencil icon on the side of the photo.
  • Profile information can be filled by selecting Edit information here.
  • The Discover section in the app is the place that allows other users to be seen.
  • The profiles that appear on the screen are filtered by determining gender, age and distance according to the desired criteria.

Also, the explore section is a section for scrolling other users. At this point, if users do not want to be seen, the discover section can be closed. However, even if it is closed, the matches will continue to be seen and correspondence with those people will be possible. In order to close this place, the process can be completed by sequentially clicking on the Tinder discover section through the settings.

What are the Methods Required to Delete Tinder Account?

Users who want to delete their account can delete their account completely through the actions we will offer. Here are the things to do:

  • Tap the profile icon on the main screen.
  • Here the settings tab opens.
  • The last step is to scroll down the screen and tap the delete account option.
  • After pressing the button, you will be informed that the account has been deleted successfully.

This will complete the Tinder account deletion steps. After the account is deleted, it is not possible to log in using the existing username. A new subscription is required to login. People with a Gold subscription cannot cancel their subscription when they delete their account. Only by deleting the Tinder account will be closed.