Tiktok Balon Hediyesi Nedir, Tiktok Balon Kaç TL?

The gift opportunity offered by TikTok provides an opportunity for both those who want to open a live broadcast and those who want to support their favorite publishers financially. That’s why TikTok gift prices are among the most researched topics.

Many users choose to send different gifts to their loved ones in order to support them financially. However, the price of each is examined first. One of them is the balloon. This gift, which is 699 coins, is received for 67 Turkish Liras. The buyer is paid 30 Turkish Liras.

The price of the tokens varies according to the number as follows;

  1. 1 Coin: 0.7 Kurus
  2. 70 coins: 5 Turkish Lira
  3. 100 coins: 7 Turkish Lira
  4. 350 ​​coins: 33.99 Turkish Lira
  5. 500 coins: 35 Turkish Lira
  6. 1,400 coins: 134,99 Turkish Lira
  7. 2,000 coins 135 Turkish Lira
  8. 3,500 coins: 339.99 Turkish Lira
  9. 5,000 coins 350 Turkish Lira
  10. 7,000 coins: 700 Turkish Lira

If you want to reward your favorite users, you can choose any of them.

What are TikTok Gifts?

There are many gifts in TikTok. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Evil eye bead: This gift, which can be purchased for 5 coins, costs 48 cents to the recipient. 20 cents goes to the one that is sent.
  2. Heart: This gift, which can be purchased for 10 coins, costs the recipient 96 cents. If it is sent, it will cost 45 cents.
  3. Panda: This gift, which can be purchased for 5 coins, will cost the recipient 48 cents. 20 cents goes to what is sent.
  4. Rose: You pay 96 cents for this gift, which you can buy for 1 coin. TikTok gift prices 2021 will go 40 cents to the person who sent it.
  5. Tea: This gift you can buy for 50 coins is 4.80 Turkish Liras. 2 Turkish Lira is paid to the person you sent.
  6. TikTok skill: The gift, which is 250 coins, is bought for 24 Turkish Liras. 10 Turkish Lira is paid to the buyer.
  7. Sun Cream: A gift of 50 coins is 4.80 Turkish Liras. 2 Turkish Lira goes to the field.
  8. Baklava: This gift, which can be bought for 19 cents, is 2 coins. 80 cents goes to the person you send it to.
  9. Yacht: Many users wonder how much yacht on TikTok. This gift, which is 7499 coins, is 850 Turkish Liras. For the other side, 350 TL is paid.
  10. Wand: The gift, which is 17 Turkish Liras, is 150 coins. 7 Turkish Lira goes to the person sent.
  11. Teddy Bear: A gift of 9.60 Turkish Liras is worth 100 coins. The user you send is paid 4.30 TL.

You can take any of these and send them to the person who started the live broadcast.

Which Gifts Can Be Receive on TikTok?

TikTok offers many gifts to users. These are not limited to the above, some of them are as follows;

  1. Big Love: A gift of 2.40 TL is worth 25 coins and the person you send it to wins 1 Turkish Lira.
  2. Ring: The gift of 300 coins is 29 Turkish Liras. The buyer wins 12 TL.
  3. Ud: A gift of 300 coins, such as a ring, is 28.8 Turkish Liras. The person who buys wins 12 TL.
  4. Rainbow: This gift, which can be bought for 100 coins, is 9.60 TL. 4.30 TL is paid to the other party.
  5. Hello: This gift, which is 96 cents, is 100 coins. 45 cents goes across.
  6. Tulip: This gift, which is 20 TL, goes to the other party as 8.5 Turkish Liras. 200 coins.
  7. Kiss: This gift, which can be purchased for 17 Turkish Liras, is worth 150 coins. It goes to the user as 7 TL.
  8. Finger heart: This gift, which is 48 cents, goes to the user you sent it as 20 cents. It is 5 coins.
  9. Money rain: The question How much is the TikTok rainstorm is frequently asked about this 999 coins prize. This gift, which can be bought for 105 TL, reaches the other party in the form of 65 Turkish Liras.

If you love the live broadcasts of a TikTok publisher, you can support them with any of them.