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Instagram has a new feature every day with its users. The new feature of the platform, which constantly updates itself considering the demands, was the Instagram Reels feature. In this article, we will answer the questions of What is Instagram Reals and How to Use it?.

Instagram is used by more than 1 billion people around the world. The social sharing platform, which always prioritizes the demands and requests of its users, has prepared a feature that will fulfill a request from its users.

Instagram, which was launched as a photo sharing application but added many features to itself over time, was the last feature of Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels can be shown as a feature designed to rival Tik Tok.

With the Instagram Reels feature, users have the chance to take 15-second videos and share them on the platform. they will have. Different effects can be added to these 15-second videos. Users will be able to add the music they want or their own voices to their videos.


To use Instagram reels feature, firstly The application must be up to date. Users who do not update will not be able to use this feature. The question of How to use Instagram Reals can be answered as follows;

Log in to the Instagram application with a username and password.

Enter the Instagram profile and click on the video icon just above the photos.

The option that says Reels is selected among the Live, Story and Reels options presented on the page that opens.

After selecting the Reals option, the screen appears on the screen. “Start” button is pressed.

As soon as the start button is pressed, video shooting can be started. It will be possible to shoot 15-second videos in this area.

Music or sound can be selected from the list that appears by pressing the volume button during the video shooting process. In addition, by pressing the speed button, the video can be set to be fast or slow.

Instagram users have the right to use the effects they want during the video shooting process and to add GIFs or stickers to their videos.

After a cover photo has been taken for the video, it can be published.


Instagram Reels feature It is possible to use many editing tools through it. Along with the feature, many tools are also offered to the users. Thanks to these tools, users have the right to edit the 15-second videos they will shoot as they wish. Instagram Reels editing tools are as follows;

  • Speed: The tool used to speed up or slow down the desired parts of Instagram Reels videos.
  • Audio: It is a tool that allows the desired music from the music library to be selected and added to the video in Instagram Reels videos. With this tool, users can add their own voices to their videos whenever they want.
  • AR Effects: It is a tool that contains augmented reality effects that can be used in Instagram Reels videos. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to use all kinds of effects in the video.
  • Alignment: It is the tool used to combine two clips in Instagram Reals videos and to provide a smooth transition between these two videos.
  • Timer and Countdown: It is a feature that enables the use of the timing feature and countdown at any time during video shooting in Instagram Reels videos.

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