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What is Instagram Marketing? Haven’t used Instagram for marketing your organization or products yet? In Instagram, which has more than 300 million users, millions of users reach many companies every day through this application and get information about their products and services, as well as the company’s general business culture. Therefore, we can say that Instagram is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to promote your products and services and reach every target consumer segment.

I would like to share some topics with you regarding our What is Instagram marketing and how to apply question below.

Create Special and Creative Photos

The best way to impress users and get them to follow your account on Instagram is to post creative, special and entertaining posts. By taking advantage of the editing feature and filters offered by Instagram, you can share fun, captivating and different photos. You can differentiate your company and products by bringing together different photos that may be relevant to the product or institution you are promoting.

Interaction with Your Followers

I have previously shared that interacting with followers is one of the indispensable and most basic elements of social media. At the same time, as a golden rule when developing a marketing strategy on Instagram, it should come at the top of our strategies. If one of your followers tags you or your products in their posts or mentions you in the comments section, this is an opportunity not to be missed to start interacting with them. Thus, liking your followers’ posts, commenting on their posts or re-sharing their posts on your own account will provide your followers with recognition. In general, keeping in touch with your followers will make them happy so that your organization or products will be more liked and preferred by them.

Hashtag Usage

The use of hashtags is one of the most important features of Instagram. You can reach my hashtag article here and the hashtag usage guide that I have prepared specially for you here. Thanks to the use of hashtags, Instagram users will find your account and products more conveniently and easily by searching Instagram. Try to use current and popular hashtags in your posts. However, do not exaggerate the use of hashtags. If you organize a campaign or contest / raffle on Instagram, be sure to create creative hashtags that will make you different along with your corporate or brand name. The use of hashtags will also provide an opportunity to show users how they use your products on a daily basis.

Organize Contest

You can increase your follower count faster by organizing a contest on Instagram. You can read my article about organizing contests / sweepstakes on Instagram here. Thanks to the competition you will organize and the product you will give at the end of the competition, you will attract the attention of your followers and other users more quickly. As I mentioned above, create a special hashtag for your competitions so that not only you but also millions of users will see the shares very easily, as those who participate in the competition will use this hashtag while sharing. When your followers make a post promoting your products, it creates a chain effect. Since their followers will see their shares, they will also share the same post on their Instagram accounts. Even if they do not win the gift to be given, they will continue to follow you.

Follow Professional Accounts

Another way to understand what can and will not be more successful in your own posts is to understand how other accounts that make successful posts on Instagram do this best. You can examine the accounts of companies such as Starbucks, Nike, National Geographic, Adidas, Michael Kors and see how they implement the issues I mentioned above and how they promote their products.

You can apply the topics I mentioned above in your own account to make the Instagram marketing of your own institutions and brands more creative and interesting.

If those who use this or similar applications on their Instagram accounts can share their results with me below, they will have contributed to this article and ensured that more people benefited.