What is hashtag?

With the establishment of Twitter in 2007, it is a word or phrase that spread like a phenomenon in social media and among young people and started to spread rapidly on other social media platforms after we started to use it actively and expressed with the (#) symbol. Today, hashtags, which are frequently used in social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+ and Vine, and which are effective in written and visual media, have now become an indispensable part of social media communication to ensure effective communication. Today, while social media users actively use hashtags to communicate, share content and create interaction, some corporate companies still wonder what a hashtag is and how it is used.

Although it may seem complicated at first glance, this new communication and interaction tool, which we encounter almost during news hours, discussion programs, sports programs, commercials and serials on TV, allows us to easily find relevant news, products and many other content.


How to use hashtag?

Hashtags allow you to add content to your posts with special words. It brings you closer to other users who are interested in the special words you have shared. To create a hashtag, put the # symbol in front of the custom word you created without any spaces. When you click on hashtags used at the beginning or middle of sentences in General, it will be possible for you to reach other similar content within that social media platform. For example, you are a fan of Apple and you want to buy an iPhone 5. By creating a hashtag like #iPhone5, you can easily access the latest iPhone 5 prices, where the iPhone 5 is sold, and other users’ comments on iPhone5 usage, which you share on any social media platform.

Do not add too many hashtags in the content you have shared, this will cause your content to spam. According to studies, interaction decreases in tweets with 2 or more hashtags.

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Don’t create #toolonghashtags: Keep your hashtags short, concise, catchy, and easy to say. If you are going to use the same hashtag in more than one communication channel, pay attention to the word and character limit to be used. If you are going to create a hashtag for an event with a long title, you can create a hashtag with the event’s initials.

Do research beforehand for the hashtag we will use. It will be useful for you to see where and on what subject the hashtag you intend to share has been used before.

Why should I use hashtags?

Agree or not, hashtags have become an essential part of social media communication and digital marketing today. 71% of social media users use hashtags today. According to research, 43% of hashtag users share that it is useful, while 34% use it to follow topics, brands and companies they are interested in.