Instagram'da yer etiketi nedir ve nasıl kullanılır2Instagram has a feature that many users do not understand what it is and do not know how to use it. This feature is the location tag on Instagram feature. The location tag offers huge opportunities for businesses when it is learned exactly how it is used.

First, let’s take a look at how Instagram promotes what a location tag is, if you’re not aware of it. Geotagging, with its Turkish name, Location Tag, is a technical term that shows the latitude and longitude of the location you share the photo of. If you allow, this information is obtained from your Tablets and Phones via GPS.

When you take a photo anywhere, the coordinates of where that photo was taken are added to that photo. If you tell Instagram you want to tag that place, it will allow you to tag the location where the photo was taken. Instagram doesn’t add any location tags to your photos unless you ask Instagram.

As an Instagram user, if you want to add the place where you were taken to your photo, you have to click the Add to Map button. When you click on Name this Location, the names of the businesses around you and the places where the events are held will appear. Thus, you can show where you took the photo in your post by selecting it.

For example, I tagged the photo below, which I took during my visit to a museum on my own account, by entering the name of the Museum. If the name of the place you took the photo is not on the map or is different, you can edit it yourself.

FullSizeRenderHowever, you can not add a place tag when sharing the work you have done at home.

If you want to see all your location tagged posts, you can click the little place button on your Instagram profile. This will display all the photos you have taken on the world map.

You can add a place tag to your photo posts later if you want. Once you find the photo you want, just click on the three dots at the bottom right. After pressing the edit button, you can click Add Place Tag and tag the appropriate place to your photo.

Once you know what place tags are and how they work, it’s time to implement them in your business.

Set the Location Tag for Your Business

It is very important for businesses with a specific location to create tags of their location. Instagram sets a location tag based on the API features of the Foursquare app. Using this information, Facebook also creates location information for businesses.

If your business is registered to one of these platforms, you can easily find your business during your posts. If you retag a specific location with a different name, it will only appear in your posts. Others can’t see it.

Therefore, having your business registered means that your customers who come to your business can easily find your business when they check-in.

Another advantage of this feature is that you can easily see the posts of other users using the same location tag. Your new customers or those who want to visit you can see your product and service quality before they arrive.

The second advantage is that the posts made by adding a place tag are very valuable because they are user-generated content. When your customers share about the products and services they have purchased in your business, you can also share them on your own account. Thus, you will also thank your customers.

Specify Custom Location Tag

As well as businesses with a specific location tag, those who want to give a different name to the location tag or those who want to write a different name for the place they will share can use this feature.

Also, you can turn off the location tag feature and write the website, email address, etc. as location tags. When you post like this, it will appear as gray. However, this feature is currently only available on IOS-based phones.

Do you use location and location tags in your businesses? If you use it, what kind of advantages do you see, how do you find its ease of use? I will be glad if you share it with me below.