2015de öne çıkacak olan Instagram trendleri neler

2015de öne çıkacak olan Instagram trendleri neler Instagram continues to grow rapidly, and it doesn’t look like it will ever slow down. Instagram, an online mobile photo sharing application, now has over 300 million active users.

Instagram is also a photo-based social platform for social media marketing.

45% of digital marketing experts plan to increase their use of Instagram in 2015. Digital marketers who spend at least 40 hours or more a week on social media platforms want to increase their Instagram usage by 49% in 2015.

Visual content is more important to organizations than ever before, but why do digital marketers have such a hard time creating an impressive Instagram profile?

Well, What are the Instagram trends that will come to the fore in 2015? I would like to share some of the Instagram trends in 2015 with you below.

1-The use of photos on Instagram is growing.

I think that there is no one who disagrees with the idea that Instagram is more popular than Facebook. Today, Instagram is the most popular platform for photo sharing.

According to the research conducted by the company named Forrester, a post on Instagram creates 120 times more interaction with followers than Twitter and 58 times more than Facebook.

Platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Tumblr and Snapchat have foreseen the importance of visual content and used it as an opportunity. The rising social marketing trend has also helped these platforms develop further.

2- Nothing free

Last year, Facebook and other social media platforms slashed the organic results of your Facebook posts to the point that they nearly destroyed them. You even had to pay for Facebook posts to appear.

This means that social media is no longer free to use.

Almost all social media platforms are trying to get a share of the advertising pie. Promotional pins, video ads, twitter cards and similar Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin and Snapchat tested ad receiving features in 2014.

Instagram, which has grown rapidly over time, announced its advertising service like other social media platforms, and the use of this service seems to increase in 2015. When it is foreseen that the popularity of visual content will increase, Instagram will soon begin to announce new features related to its advertising service.

Instagram’s target user segment is quite young, so digital marketers pay Instagram to publish 15-second video ads according to certain age, gender and country, that is, to reach the right customer segment. Thus, they aim to reach the target audience faster and create an interaction with a high return.

3- Make a Connection

In addition to the social marketing trend, there are many new and powerful ways for brands to integrate social ads with their databases and organize their social media accounts according to their target segments.

You can evaluate the endless opportunities offered by the digital world by using visitor behavior data on your Brand or Institution’s website, e-mail marketing campaigns, communicating online and linking this data with your other social media channels.

The better your data is integrated with your other marketing tools, the more effective your digital ads will be, and your followers will be less affected by unrealistic advertising efforts.

4- Video sharing

Instagram will also take new steps to improve its video feature.

Vine, Snapchat and Instagram are also competing to be the best and most popular video sharing platform. They are trying to differentiate from each other with new features, video editing tools and video length ways.

From this point of view, Instagram is far ahead of its competitors.

Social video trends offer brands new opportunities and benefits that enable them to tell emotionally intense and audiovisual stories. It also offers new opportunities to deliver your message to influential people on social media, such as vloggers.

5- Mobile growth

Although the number of smart phone users is increasing day by day, the number of users logging into Facebook from mobile in 2014 increased by 34.

This growth is an indication that mobile is an area that cannot be ignored and that in 2015, applications will practically replace this understanding. Make sure that your accounts on social platforms are easily accessible to mobile users.

A major social media platform such as Facebook has released its own messaging application as a separate mobile application and also showed how much importance it attaches to this field with its Whatsapp and Instagram purchases.

If Instagram is a platform that needs to be used to reach your customers, take advantage of this opportunity now. While Instagram allows you to reach your target audience effectively, it is also a platform with a high interaction rate.

Instagram trends are not limited to these, of course. I would like to know your thoughts and expectations for 2015.