Markalar için Instagram kullanımının avantaj ve dezavantajları

Markalar için Instagram kullanımının avantaj ve dezavantajlarıPhotos is one of the best platforms for effective visual storytelling tools and for your Instagram photos to tell their own story.

As a photo sharing application, Instagram is used by both individual (sharing users’ own stories and experiences) and corporate users (to sell their products and services). The shared posts can be seen instantly by users in another part of the world. In addition, companies see Instagram as an opportunity to both promote their own brands and sell their products and services by gaining new customers.

The Advantages of Using Instagram for Online Marketing

With more than 300 million active users, Instagram offers more opportunities to reach more customers. Think about it, when you reach even a small part of the number of active users, you can do much better things than companies that do not have an Instagram account. Instagram is also a very inexpensive way to promote your products and services. All you need to have is an internet-connected smartphone and someone who can take beautiful and high-quality photos. Your customers or potential customers are now spending much more time on their smartphones. Therefore, these users are more likely to use Instagram and to browse your account.


I have shared what a hashtag is in my previous articles. To briefly mention, hashtags are a method that companies must use in order to reach more users. If the appropriate hashtag is used, your content will reach more people. Thus, your brand will be easier to reach. Since hashtags are one of the two search methods on Instagram, Instagram users can see the shared content thanks to hashtags.

Disadvantages of Using Instagarm for Online Marketing

Before you decide to start using Instagram in your brand’s social media strategy, you may want to consider the disadvantages as well as the advantages. There are millions of people who do not use the Instagram app and do not have a smartphone. Since Instagram is a mobile-only application, it can be difficult to reach such customers. Another disadvantage is that the website links you have added in your Instagram posts are not active. You can type the website address, your customers can see it, but they cannot click and go to your website. Without an active link, companies will not be able to see the effect they want from search engines, so this will be seen as a serious disadvantage for SEO companies and companies investing in SEO.


After being a very well-known and well-known big company, it would be a little difficult to really enter the world of online marketing and expect the result to be effective. If you are a small company just starting out with online marketing, you will need to put more effort into your marketing efforts. It also takes time and patience to put your company in a position to compete with your competitors and other popular brands. In addition, if your company’s products and services are not products that cannot be photographed, for example, if you are in the service industry, Instagram may be the wrong marketing tool for you. One wrong move can harm your company and brand.