Instagram Postegro Benzeri Uygulamalar Nelerdir?

Instagram continues to be one of the most preferred social media platforms of the last few years. Some people prefer to use their accounts privately, while others prefer to use them openly. However, without having to send a follow request to people who use private accounts, who is followed, what has been shared on their story or home page continues to be one of the most curious topics. Applications that have been installed by many software developers recently and that help show Instagram private accounts continue to come to the fore. One of the leading applications is Postegro, which is known by everyone.

Even if Postegro is closed in some moments due to being a legal service, Postegro-like applications stand out for people. However, those who want to continue with this application can download the Postegro APK for both web and mobile and get the opportunity to watch the accounts secretly again.

Postegro-Like Applications Everyone Is Wondering

Applications like Postegro, which are curious by everyone, help people to see private accounts easily. The most popular applications preferred to see hidden accounts;

  1. Postegro

Even though Postegro is closed due to lack of legal action, it will be sufficient to download the APK part in order to use the applications on both mobile and web. In this way, people who log in with their Instagram username and password can review the secret accounts they want without having to follow them.

  1. wFollow

wTakip application is one of the applications that is at least as popular as Postegro. It will be available for both Android and iOS versions. Anyone who logs into the application download areas on the devices can download them at any time and can take their place in the system with their social media user information.

Postegro-Like Applications for IOS

Postegro-like applications used on devices with iOS version are 3 on their own. These are;

  1. Social Ghost
  2. Analayz For Instagram
  3. Profile +

Contacts will be able to download to devices with all IOS operating systems. These apps are completely free to download. If people want to purchase in-app, they will be able to have more features offered with prices determined by the application. Of course, by giving certain daily rights, it allows people to use the application without having to pay an additional fee.

Postegro-Like Applications for Android Devices

Thanks to

Postegro-like applications for Android devices, people will be able to monitor private accounts whenever they want. It offers opportunities to see who they follow, what the people looked at have shared on the story or on the main page. On the other hand, the fact that it offers features such as who viewed the profile for people who make in-app purchases allows Instagram users to easily access the answers to their questions. Valid on Android devices;

  2. Find My Stalker
  3. Anonymous Story Viewer
  4. StoryLab
  5. InsLog Reports

All the applications offered are free to download to people’s devices via Google play store. In this way, anyone will be able to look at anyone’s account secretly at any time without the slightest problem. For this, people need to determine an application that suits their wishes at any time, and download applications or APK versions directly by entering the download platforms at any time. In this way, you can easily have many features offered in the application and can easily monitor hidden profiles.