Instagram'da nasıl ve ne zaman etiketleme yapılır

People learn new things most easily visually. Narrating places and events using visuals is one of the most effective marketing methods used in recent years. This also applies to hotel marketing. Therefore, this is the reason why most of the marketers increase the use of visuals in their social media marketing strategies. Today’s most shared application using images, Instagram and Instagram statistics also have enough reasons for you to use this platform.

Instagram has more than 300 million active users and nearly 50% of these users are between the ages of 16-24. It is also an effective way to communicate with frequent travelers. 30% of young people in America see Instagram as the most important social networking platform. I think this is reason enough for a platform where about 80 million photos are shared daily.

If you want your hotel to take advantage of this opportunity offered by Instagram, you can find tips on how to use this platform below. While preparing this article, I would like to explain the subject by presenting various examples from the instagram account of Abacı Konak Hotel in Eskişehir. Before I start the article, I do not have any commercial ties with the hotel and its managers, which I use as an example, I just wanted to share it because I find their use of Instagram extremely professional and successful.

Make posts that tell the story of your hotel. Thanks to Instagram, you can share the services you offer at your hotel in a nice way. Share photos of your hotel with travelers in a variety of contexts that they will enjoy and tell about you.

Make sure that your posts are unique to you, and by constantly experimenting, observe which posts have the most likes.

Organize contests for your followers. Organizing contests and sweepstakes on Instagram allows you to increase the number of your followers and interact more with your existing followers. If your followers tag your hotel in their posts about your hotel and create hashtags specific to your hotel, the content about your hotel will reach more people.

Use Hashtags. Creating hashtags specific to your hotel is very important for your followers and other users to produce content. Creating custom hashtags will make your followers brand ambassadors for you. You can also use these photos as user-generated content.

Share photos of your guests. By moving the posts of guests staying at your hotel to your own page, you will provide a more realistic and interactive experience. In addition, sharing photos of your guests can be used to announce events that are or will be happening at your hotel. This is also important in terms of creating an online communication channel between you and your guests.

Share about holidays and similar events. Many Instagram users share holiday photos, especially during the holidays, and also use hashtags specific to that holiday in these posts.

By making similar posts during certain holiday periods, you can make your posts reach millions of people with the most used hashtags. For example, if you decorated your hotel for the holiday, you can share it and wish your followers a happy holiday.

Use Filters. Instagram filters allow users to modify their posts to look more professional. With filters, you can increase the quality of your photos on Instagram. In addition, you increase the value of your brand by contributing to the online image of your hotel with the shares you will make thanks to the filters.

There is no doubt that Instagram is a successful marketing tool that can be used to promote your hotel. Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms, so hotels that do not have an Instagram account should open an account and create their Instagram profile.

What do you pay attention to when sharing about the hotels you work or visit? Which hashtags do you use? I would be very happy if you share it with me in the comment section.