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Unknowns About Çamlıca TV Tower – Küçük Çamlıca TV Tower, a structure we’ve all seen in Istanbul for a while, was opened with an official ceremony on May 29. With its opening, the tower became the agenda of many segments. Camlica Tower, with a total height of 369 meters with its antenna, has won the title of being the tallest structure in Istanbul at the moment. On the other hand, it is now the 20th tallest structure in the world. We can start to get to know the building more closely by talking about its features that are not written everywhere, rather than general information about the tower.

Unknowns About Çamlıca Television Tower

Why Was Çamlıca Tower Built?

The main purpose of the construction of the tower is to remove the radio and television poles in Büyük Çamlıca. In 2011, IMM announced the Çamlıca Hill TV Radio Tower Idea Project Competition in order to overcome this problem. Later, with the announcement of the competition, various professional organizations said that Küçük Çamlıca Hill was a protected area, so they objected to any construction there. Regarding this issue, they invited their architect colleagues not to participate in this competition.

Competition image

Çamlıca Hill TV Radio Tower Idea Project Competition Third Place

Contrary to what we all expected after the competition, the design that was built and designed by MAA (Melike Altınışık Architects) came in 3rd place. Projects 1 and 2 have not been built. Instead, it was decided to build the 3rd project as a special request.

A ‘Tulip’ Inspired Tower

Many comments on the shape of the tower are being made these days. While designing the tower, it was actually inspired by the natural beauties of Çamlıca Hill. Thus, a monolithic structure design that rises as a dynamic and organic form is envisaged. This design was influenced by the metaphor of the ‘tulip’, which has become a symbol for those living in this land.


The main shaft of the tower acts as a carrier and feeder body, representing the ‘roots’ of the tower. Thus, the tower resembles an unopened tulip bud that takes shape as it rises towards the sun. It establishes a structural bond with the ground like the roots of a plant in the Ground and Basement Floors. This ensures its integration with the surrounding topography.

Another element that can shed light on the form of the tower is the architectural language of Melike Altınışık, the architect of the tower. Melike Altınışık reflects her own architectural style as well as the tower’s inspiration from tulips. Especially when we look at his other works, it is possible to see such forms. On the other hand, it is quite possible to see that parameters were used while designing the tower. We can see this both outside the tower and especially inside it.

The Interior of the Tower – Unknown About Çamlıca TV Tower

In the interior of the tower, elements that are compatible with the exterior are used again. In particular, a design was made by making use of the parameters and even this design continued itself in the outer landscape. We can see these elements in various photographs of the tower.

The big question: How was the Tower Built?

Construction Stages

Many techniques were used during construction and the construction is divided into 9 parts. Instead of explaining them one by one, we can briefly summarize them. First of all, the main body of the tower was built. Later, the parts that make up the main interior spaces were moved upwards from the ground. Melike Altınışık described this process in a panel that she attended, as it was quite difficult. He himself said that the reason for this was actually related to the design of the tower. It is very difficult to place large pieces with a different center of mass on the tower while preserving the form.

@melikealtinisik The 950-ton tower piece that will be raised to a height of 200 meters

It is possible to say that many Istanbulites witnessed this process . Because the image formed while the parts of the tower were lifted upwards is quite interesting and interesting. Melike Altınışık shared these interesting processes on her own Instagram account.

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