Developed in 2016 by American software architect and businessman Jack Dorsey in 2006 and having millions of users, the Twitter application continues to increase in popularity today. Turkish language support was added with a new version made on April 25, 2011 on Twitter, which did not have a Turkish language feature in the first years of its use.

In a study conducted on the Twitter application, which has been used frequently in recent years, the application was most frequently used in Turkey. Within the application, you can tweet, favorite shared tweets, message with your friends and follow all current topics on Twitter.

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What is Twitter?

Twitter, which is a popular application, is frequently used by many people today. Twitter, which allows to write texts called tweets, which consists of a 140 character limit in the application, aims to use the application by more people by adding new tools with new updates. In the Twitter application, which is seen as a communication tool today, you can add friends, message them and share your posts with these people.

How to Use Twitter

The Twitter application, which has a simple use, contains some abbreviations and concepts. What these abbreviations mean and what the concepts are used for are given below.

TT (Trending Topic): This area on the left side of your screen, where the 10 most talked about topics in the Twitter application are listed, is called Trending Topic. On Twitter, there is a separate list for each country, namely the Trending Topic. In addition, the most spoken tweets in all countries are included in the Trend area of ​​the Twitter application.

Favorite (Likes): It is the name given to the posts you share, liked by others or shared by you. In short, it can also be called likes.

RT (Retweet): The meaning of this term is the name given to the sharing of a post you have shared before, by others to their profiles. Accounts that Retweet your posts also have your post on their home page.

DM (Direct Message): The abbreviation DM, which is also used in the Instagram application, is the abbreviation of all messages sent to other people or to you. In the versions when the Twitter application was first used, only two accounts were allowed to message, but with the update it made in 2015, you can also message as a group. In addition, with the newly added features, you can send a message to many people at the same time.

Mention: Messages sent with the “@” symbol at the beginning of the messages to be sent are called mention. The main purpose of this sign is the type of message that will be sent only to selected people by using the “@” sign in the message. In short, this feature is only used to send messages to targeted people. You can access all the messages you sent from the “Mentioned” area.

Hashtag: This concept, which can also be called a topic title or a tag, is the meaning of the words and concepts shared by using the “#” sign at the beginning of the shares in the Twitter application. The purpose of this tag, which is used in tweet sharing, is a method used to increase the reading and interaction of the share on the subject.

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