Twitter Yeni Para Kazanma Yöntemini Açıkladı

Twitter announced the Spaces feature in the past weeks. With the new update, it started to offer an experience similar to the recently popular Clubhouse. This feature, which allowed to speak aloud, allowed collective conversations. Twitter came up with a new update. Twitter has unveiled its new monetization method and announced Spaces rooms with wrist. With these rooms, people with high followers will be able to earn.

Clubhouse, which has a lot of users recently, has attracted the attention of many platforms. With its feature that allows to chat with voice, the platform has reached millions of different users in a short time. Users showed such interest in this application that major platforms also came up with updates with similar features. Facebook and Twitter released a new update by adding the voice chat feature to itself.

The feature that Twitter released in this competition includes rooms called Spaces. These rooms offer a chat facility similar to the Clubhouse application. However, the platform has decided to take this feature further. A new update has been introduced with the Ticketed Spaces rooms. Details of the new update have been announced.

How Will the Ticketed Spaces Rooms be Used?

Twitter does not offer all users the opportunity to use its newly released feature. The user must have at least 1000 followers to use these rooms. In addition, the only condition offered by the application is not limited to the number of followers. Must have hosted Spaces rooms at least three times in a month. Twitter users under the age of 18 will not be able to use the Ticketed Spaces rooms feature.

Twitter launched its new feature for the first time only for America. After a while, this feature will be actively used in all countries. The feature, which is still in the trial phase, is being tested with different hosts.

Income will be provided via Twitter

The newly released feature of Twitter will help accounts with high followers to earn income. The platform is working with Stripe for its users to earn. If the planned method is implemented, users will have 80% profit on the platform after commissions are deducted.

Spaces with Twitter tickets will grant the right to sell tickets for their rooms. Phenomenons will be able to make a profit by selling the tickets they have. However, there will be a certain rate to make a profit. Accordingly, when people sell tickets for 100 TL, there will be a 30% commission on the Google Play Store. 20% of the remaining money will belong to Twitter, while 80% will be left to the user. Users will be able to earn for every ticket they sell.

Expected Features of Twitter

Twitter manages to attract the attention of its users with its latest updates. The site, which has millions of users, continues to gain thousands of new users every day. A feature called Super Follows is also expected to be included in the application. Thanks to this feature, people will be able to view the additional content of the people they want to view more.

In addition, a subscription system called Twitter Blue is expected to take place on the platform. With this subscription system, many Twitter users will have a comfortable use. With this feature, people will be able to withdraw the tweets sent and save to the collection.

Buying Twitter Followers

Only profiles with 1000 or more followers will be able to use Ticketed Spaces rooms. Users can make a purchase to have a high-follower account in a short time. When purchasing, people can define as many followers as they need to their accounts. Users who buy followers can start taking part in the rooms as soon as the feature comes to Turkey. With this feature, many users will be able to earn additional income.