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This post will be my first post on twitter. I am one of those who think that twitter has lost its old popularity. That’s why I haven’t written much about Twitter until now. Why am I writing today? Because; I started getting a lot of questions about how to delete twitter account to my e-mail inbox. Another question is about the twitter account closure link. I think, like on Instagram, the twitter account closure link is somewhat hidden.

Long story short, today I will show you how to delete twitter account, with delete twitter account link.

Deletion of Twitter Account

Required to delete your Twitter account; your twitter username and password. After knowing these two, you can easily delete your twitter account if you do the things I explained.

If you don’t know your twitter password. Thanks to the password renewal process, you can easily get a new password by using the password reset e-mail sent to your e-mail address you registered on Twitter. I will explain the Twitter password reset process under a separate heading. Now let’s go back to the twitter account closure process.

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Sign In to Twitter
  • First of all, let’s open the twitter home page via the Twitter Login address and click the login button.
Login Screen
  • Let’s enter our twitter username and password in the login window that opens and press the login button.
  • After making our Twitter login; Click the twitter account deletion link to switch to the delete twitter account page. If you go to this link without logging in to Twitter, the login screen will open and you will be able to log in. Then the page you see in the picture below will appear.
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Twitter Account Deletion Screen
On the

  • Deletion of Twitter account page, they told us what we should know before closing our account. I suggest you read this, maybe you can get your work done in another way without deleting your twitter account. What are twitter’s suggestions to us?
  1. First of all, if you log in to Twitter again for 30 days after deletion of your twitter account, your account will be active again. In other words, Twitter stores your data for 30 days.
  2. If you want to change your username or twitter address, you don’t need to delete your twitter account. You can also do this from the settings in the application. When you do this, everything will remain the same except your followers, tweets, likes, in short, your twitter username.
  3. If you are going to use the username and e-mail address you use on Twitter to open another twitter account after twitter account closure, you need to change them without deleting your account first. Otherwise, you cannot use the username and e-mail address you deleted for 30 days to open another account.
  4. After

  5. Twitter account deletion, your content will still be visible for a period of 24-48 hours.
  6. It is not in the hands of twitter to delete the information that search engines like Google save in their data. This information is extracted from the data in a certain process by google after the deletion of the twitter account process. This may take some time. So you appear in google searches, but when they click on the link, they see an error page.
  • Now that we know this, you can now press the @username deactivate account button.
Let’s Enter Our Password
When you press the

  • Delete Twitter account button, the screen you see in the picture above will appear. Here we re-enter our password. The reason why Twitter asks us for a password again is a security issue. You may be logged in to a shared computer and someone else may be trying to delete your twitter account. In this case, you cannot delete your twitter account without knowing your password.
  • If we re-entered our password, we can press the deactivate twitter account button.
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Account Disabled and Will Be Permanently Deleted After 30 Days
  • As you can see in the picture above, we have completed the twitter account deletion process. Now, after 30 days, our twitter account will be completely deleted.
  • That’s it for

  • Deleting Twitter account, friends. I hope I was able to help you in your twitter account deletion process.

How do I open my account back after Twitter account closure?

After closing our Twitter account, our data is stored by Twitter for 30 days. Therefore; if you want to restore your deleted twitter account; You must log in to Twitter again within this 30-day period with your username and password. After 30 days, twitter deletes all data and after 30 days, you cannot reopen the deleted twitter account for this reason.

Twitter account freeze

Is it possible to twitter account freeze instead of

delete Twitter account? Let’s immediately answer the questions that come to me. As you know, freezing can be done on Instagram. In this way, you can temporarily close your account. Unfortunately, account freezing is not possible on Twitter. Instead, you can delete your twitter account considering the 30-day period and activate your account again before 30 days are up.

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