En Çok Takipçisi Olan Türk Instagram Fenomenleri

The number of followers on Instagram is of great importance. However, what is on the minds of many, who is the Turk with the most followers on Instagram in 2021? is the question. Here are some names as follows;

  1. Nusr_et
  2. Mesut Ozil
  3. Burak Ozdemir
  4. Hande Ercel
  5. Burak Özçivit
  6. Cagri Taner
  7. Acun Ilicali
  8. Demet Özdemir
  9. The Event
  10. Neslihan Atagül Doğulu
  11. Fahriye Evcen Özçivit

If you want to see more posts in your Instagram timeline and you want all of them to be of good quality, here are some of the accounts you should not miss.


Nusr_et, which stands out with the hashtag #Saltbae, has 35.4 million followers on the platform. Currently, there are 2085 posts and 290 people follow. If you want to follow him, you can view his posts and subscribe to https://www.instagram.com/nusr_et/?hl=tr.

Mesut Ozil

Mesut Özil, who is followed by many people, especially football lovers, is among the Turks with the most followers on Instagram. Currently, it has 1491 posts and follows 312 people. You can reach Özil, who has 23.9 million followers, at https://www.instagram.com/m10_official/?hl=tr. Thus, you can see their shares, review their photos and follow them.

Burak Ozdemir

Burak Özdemir, who is on Instagram with the username cznburak, has a huge audience with 22.9 million followers. It has 1586 posts and is following 193 people.

If you want to follow him, simply follow https://www.instagram.com/cznburak/?hl=tr. Since it is an open account, it is also possible to review photos.

Hande Ercel

Hande Erçel, who is on Instagram with the username handemiyy,She is among the women with the most followers. Because it has a large audience of 22.3 million. Erçel follows 398 people and currently has 504 posts.

His account is under open confidentiality and you can view and follow his photos at https://www.instagram.com/handemiyy/?hl=tr.

Burak Özçivit

Burak Özçivit, who has one of the accounts that are loved and followed on Instagram, has approximately 18 million followers here. He follows 60 people and has 228 posts. His account is open and if you go to https://www.instagram.com/burakozcivit/?hl=tr, it is possible to follow and review his posts.

Call Taner

Çağrı Taner is one of the most followed accounts on Instagram. Among the Instagram influencers, she has 16.3 million followers and follows 20 people.

He has

20,494 posts and you can reach him at https://www.instagram.com/cagritaner/?hl=tr Since it is a private account, you need to follow it to see its posts.

Acun Ilicali

Acun Ilıcalı, who is followed by many members on Instagram, follows 155 people. It has 474 shares and its account is open and confidential. Therefore, if you go to https://www.instagram.com/acunilicali/?hl=tr, it is possible to view and follow their posts.

Currently she has approximately 13.5 million followers.

Demet Özdemir

Demet Özdemir, one of the people with the most followers on Instagram, is followed by around 13.2 million people. His account is in open privacy and has 703 shares.

It is possible to reach Özdemir, who follows 842 people, at https://www.instagram.com/demetozdemir/.

The Event

Hadise is among the list of 2021 with the most followers on Instagram. It has 630 shares and has approximately 12.6 million followers.

Hadise, who does not follow anyone, has an open profile. Therefore, by visiting the link https://www.instagram.com/demetozdemir/ https://www.instagram.com/hadise/?hl=tr, you can see him, review and follow his posts.

Neslihan Atagül Doğulu

Following 625 people on her Instagram account, Neslihan Atagül Doğulu has 11.9 million followers. It has 554 posts and has an open privacy profile. Therefore, if you follow the link https://www.instagram.com/neslihanatagul/?hl=tr, you can both see and follow their posts.

Fahriye Evcen Özçivit

Fahriye Evcen Özçivit is among the names with the most followers on Instagram. She has 11.9 million followers and 226 followers. He has 944 shares and his account is open; Therefore, it is possible to see their shares.

You can reach him by following the link https://www.instagram.com/evcenf/?hl=tr.