Three things you need to run a good social media campaign and communicate effectively with your followers. Good content is content that comes in regularly and the information you get from that content. Millions of new content are uploaded to social media every minute. But that’s only half the job. The other half starts after uploading the content to the platforms. It is necessary to analyze the posts, see what works and what does not, and guide the content accordingly. At this point, it is necessary to use social media analysis tools.

Of course, there are dozens of different tools for social media analysis in the market. However, not all of them offer the same service, nor do they serve the same purpose. We have compiled some tools that will be useful for you.


Talkwalker is one of the most comprehensive and powerful social media analysis tools. It has the widest coverage of geographic distribution, language and time zone. They serve 247 countries and 187 languages ​​worldwide. So whether your target audience is in Dubai, Dublin, or speaks Chinese or Arabic, you can listen and communicate with them.

Talkwalker also provides insight into print media, social media, online and even publications and allows you to select opinion leaders. In addition, you can learn what emotions your brand or product is associated with by people. They also offer a service where you can access data up to two years ago and make predictions about the future.

What can you follow?

  1. Talks about your brand
  2. Your and your competitor’s social media performances
  3. 150 million websites and major social networks
  4. Data from print media and TV/Radio broadcasts

Who uses this tool and how?

Talkwalker’s most important customers include brands such as Volkswagen, Microsoft and Greenpeace. These brands use Talkwalker to listen to their audiences, use social insights to guide their strategies, predict trends and produce comprehensive reports.


SumAll is a cross-platform tool where you can access data from social media, e-commerce sites, sales and internet. This platform was basically created to make data accessible to small businesses. Collaborating with Shopify, PayPal, Magento, eBay and Amazon, SumAll can use data from around the world. SumAll tabulates social media and e-commerce data in an easy-to-understand way.

What can you follow?

  1. E-commerce data
  2. Social media data
  3. Google Analytics data

Who uses this tool and how?

SumAll was prepared mainly for SMEs using an e-commerce system. Users can take decisions faster thanks to this platform, where they can see the data coming from Google, their own sites and social media channels at once. In this way, they can predict when they should make a discount or when they should make a free shipping campaign.


One of the most important features of Cyfe is, of course, that you can access all departments of your company from a single panel. In other words, this is a tool that you will use not only for social media analysis, but rather to get a total idea. Although it is not specialized, you will be deprived of features such as filters and searches, but being able to follow all of your work from a panel will still speed you up.

What can you follow?

  1. Registers and new memberships to your list
  2. Your social media analysis
  3. Your SEO and SEM analysis
  4. Your web analytics
  5. Your sales and financial analysis

Who uses this tool and how?

The leading users of Cyfe include Vodafone, Citrix, Groupon and Marriott. They benefit from many different services, from following new members to monitoring their networks. Cyfe also allows you to customize your panel by adding new widgets all the time.

Social Report

Social Report  is a social media analysis tool, but also offers publishing and automation services. You can access social media insights, schedule your posts, create automatic replies, follow/unfollow. You can meet whatever you need in social media with this tool.

What can you follow?

  1. Interaction in different channels
  2. Your reach in the world
  3. Your target audience growth rate
  4. Your demographics
  5. Channel mobility

Who uses this tool and how?

Customers using Social Report include Warner Bros., The Economist, HGTV and Samsung. They often use this tool for analytics and reporting, social media monitoring, publishing, and automated replies.