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Tips for Better Instagram Ads Instagram is one of the most actively used and most interactive networks in the world. It would not be wrong to say that Instagram has become the new source of income for many businesses, especially due to the pandemic that we have been under the influence of for a long time.

Businesses in stores, shops, restaurants and many other categories prefer to open a business account on Instagram rather than creating a website. Among the reasons for this; It is possible to list options such as reaching the masses faster and easier, creating less cost and requiring less experience through Instagram.

The thing is, we all use Instagram, but are we good enough to run a business account? Or do we have the necessary marketing knowledge? If the business account we opened is not growing, what could be the reason? It is possible to list many more questions, but the real question is, what are the tips we need to know about Instagram ads and business account?

5 Tips to Get High Returns for Instagram Ads

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1- Determining the Right Target Audience

In Instagram, targeting types are grouped under several sub-titles. You can use certain parameters such as provinces, cities or countries by location, and narrow down your target audience based on demographic information such as age, gender and languages.

A narrow target audience at the beginning will allow you to get higher efficiency. For example, if you are a clothing sales account, you can make detailed calculations by researching which age group your clothes are closer to (for example, 17-25 years old if sportswear is heavy) and in which regions this type of clothing is common (for example, Marmara region). You should focus on this audience by determining your first target market with You should also apply these filters when advertising.

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In this way, when creating content for your target audience, you used the campaign you created first to get to know your audience. you will be. Afterwards, with a good observation, you can easily identify the points you made wrong.

At this point, it is very important to focus on what motivates your target audience rather than focusing on sales targets.

2- Using Different Advertisement Images with A/B Test

What is A/B testing, let’s talk about it first. Let’s say you have two different ad images. However, you have to choose between them. In this case, prepare a direct marketing email for both images. Send the first ad image to 5% of your customers and the second image to 5% of your customers and invite them to shop on your site. Then use your web analytics tool to examine which image works best.

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Another % of the selected image is used to put the ratios you captured in the results to a final test. Send to a set of 5 customers. If you get the approximate rate of campaign success in the new cluster, it means you can trust your results.

Hint: There’s no limit to A/B testing in digital marketing. It is possible to make an advanced version of each test you do to increase efficiency. If we go through the example above; which image attracts your customers more, you can observe it again by age and gender groups, location filter. In short, it’s up to you, your creativity and your observations.

Don’t forget to make sure that the visual you use is clear, the design is simple and the focus is strong!

3- Avoid Heavy Text

The text in your Instagram ad image should not be more than 20% of the image. If you have to add text, make sure it is interesting and relevant to your purpose. It should reflect the message you want to give in a short, concise and clear way and add value to your advertisement. At this point, it can make your job easier to look at from the perspective of the customer.

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In addition to using attractive image, the right image for advertising on Instagram and video sizes are also important.

The most commonly used size on Instagram timeline is 1:1 aspect ratio, also known as square. You can also use vertical format photos on the timeline. Images with a ratio of 4:5 can also be preferred in advertising content, as they occupy a large part of the screen in the timeline. In addition, if you are advertising stories, using the vertical format known as 9:16 will make your images look better on the screen.

4- Highlight Your Approach, Not Your Logo!

You may feel the need to make the brand’s name or logo the center of attention in your advertisements. But more than the brand, your approach needs to be appealing when delivering your message to Instagram users. Brands that are more interested in themselves than their customers may experience this situation on Instagram.

5- Tips for Instagram Ads- Use Resources As Effectively As Possible

Instagram reklamları
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As you know, there are many tools to advertise on Instagram; stories section, video ads, streaming posts, IGTV, reels. Placing creative ads in the Stories section allows you to communicate instantly with the user. In addition, video ads will provide at least as big a return as visual ads.

In addition, the more you share, the faster you grow. The largest Instagram accounts post between 6 and 10 posts per day. These numbers may be difficult for you to reach at the beginning, but it will be very useful to share at least one post per day and increase this frequency over time.

Choosing your own text instead of using the standard message section that comes automatically will make you look professional. At the same time, creating a message that will highlight the product you are promoting will greatly increase the user traffic to your site.

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