Tiktok İzlenme Gelmiyor, Beğeni Gelmiyor Hatası

One of the most researched issues by Tiktok application users is Tiktok not getting views, not getting likes error. This error can be examined according to the decrease in the views of Tiktok videos or the zero viewing rate of the videos.

0 Views of TikTok Videos

Videos posted by Tiktok users on their profiles may have zero views in some cases. That’s why most Tiktok members are looking for an answer to the question why my Tiktok video has 0 views. In general, the main reasons why Tiktok videos have zero views are as follows;

  • Restricting video views without knowing: This situation, which usually happens to those who are new to Tiktok and share short videos, is due to an error made in the video settings section. What needs to be done to control this is, after entering the video, there should be three dots in the video. Here, the location in the video privacy settings should be public. If the video display settings are set to only me, the video is not visible to anyone other than the uploader.
  • Uploading video content contrary to Tiktok rules: In cases such as videos shared in the Tiktok application contain criminal content or contain +18 elements, the videos are blocked by the Tiktok administration, and therefore the videos are closed for viewing. Therefore, Tiktok members should not shoot videos with content such as violence, insults or sexuality that are prohibited by the Tiktok administration.
  • Sharing political videos on Tiktok: Posting political videos is prohibited by Tiktok rules. Insulting videos, especially over the identities of political personalities, are immediately blocked by the Tiktok administration.
  • Sharing copyrighted videos: Another reason why the video has zero views or no likes is sharing copyrighted videos. In such cases, the videos are immediately blocked and closed.

For these reasons, everyone who shares videos in the Tiktok application is required to share videos within the framework of the rules determined by Tiktok. You can also check out our buy tiktok views packages to increase the number of views of your tikok videos.

Decreased Views of TikTok Videos

Another reason for the decrease in the number of views and likes of the videos shared in the Tiktok application is that the shared short video did not attract attention or the discovery area in the Tiktok application, which is the area that shows the videos shared by the members. originates.

The reason for this is that the videos that are watched less are not discovered according to the operation of the Tiktok algorithm. Short videos shared by Tiktok members, which are generally watched and liked, do not appear in the Tiktok explore section. For this reason, one of the most important points that Tiktok members should pay attention to is the necessity of constantly sharing active and beautiful posts.

When the content of the videos shared on Tiktok is beautiful and interesting, the viewing rates and accordingly the number of subscribers to the profiles of the members increase more rapidly.

How To Know If TikTok Videos Are Banned Or Reviewed

The fact that the videos shared on Tiktok have zero views indicates that these videos are under review by the Tiktok administration. At the same time, zero images and zero likes are received for blocked videos. So in such cases Tiktok blocked videos is the way to understandWhat needs to be done as is as follows;

  • First of all, you need to enter the Tiktok user profile settings.
  • Settings should find the video that has zero views from the Tiktok video manager.
  • The link of the video shared on Tiktok should be clicked here.
  • If the link cannot be copied when clicked, it is easily understood that the video is blocked.
  • If the link is copied, it is clear that there is no obstacle or review.