Instagram was not created for people to do ecommerce. However, do you know that there are dozens of users who are successful by selling on Instagram?

In this article, I will try to give information about users who use Instagram as a source of income and earn their living by selling on Instagram. Yes, these users sell directly on Instagram and earn money in this way.

1- Photographers; sell your photos!

According to an article published in Forbes, photographer Daniel Arnold only sold one day of photos on Instagram. At the same time, with the number of followers reaching 22 thousand people, he presented all his photos to his followers in a way to send 4×6 prints for 150 dollars.

Although she hasn’t sold her photos before, according to the information shared by Forbes, purchases started quickly. Daniel, who had only $90.03 in his bank account before the sales, made $15,000 worth of sales at the end of the day. Then he shared the information that the sales will continue in the following days.

Suggestions; If you are in the photography business and you have the idea to sell the frames you have taken on Instagram, use all the hashtags that will be relevant to your photo. If you’re selling location-based shots, don’t forget to use location tags. Thus, your followers will be able to see the photos that you have taken while searching for a particular location. You can also follow Instaprints, which sells Instagram photos.

2- Sell clothes;

Want to sell unused clothes to renew your wardrobe? Or do you aim to increase your income by selling the clothes you have produced on Instagram? Then take photos of these clothes, jewelry and other items and items and share them and hashtag them with shopmycloset. After you write the description of your products (size, fabric feature, price information, shipping information, etc.), share the hashtag shopmycloset along with other relevant and relevant hashtags.

Alternatively, you can visit the Poshmark website where American women sell their clothes and sell your own products.

3- Show Your Skills and Skills;

The hair care studio called Limelight extension operating in the USA is one of the companies that has succeeded in increasing the number of customers with the shares it has made on Instagram. With nearly 30,000 followers, the hair care studio receives reservations by sharing on its Instagram profile.

To increase the number of followers and expand its influence, the company pays celebrities living in the area to share their photos, and they share these photos by linking to Limeligth’s site.

Hair care studio now has a considerable number of users, and it is highly appreciated in the photos they share.

Do you also aim to sell or increase your sales on Instagram?

I believe that this article has given you ideas for the sales you will make or for creating new sales strategies. I would also like to share with you a research that will increase your sales on Instagram. If you’re aiming to sell on Instagram, it’s worth a try.

If you are already selling on Instagram, you can reach more people by sharing your products and sales strategies with me below.