4 adimda instagramda satislari arttirmanin incelikleri

4 adimda instagramda satislari arttirmanin incelikleriIt is a well-known fact that the impact of visual sharing is quite high. Therefore, it continues to increase the number of users day by day in Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and other popular applications. Compared to other platforms, Instagram has grown significantly with more than 300 million active users. The daily average of 70 million shares is of course proof of this.

Although Instagram has grown much faster than the applications I mentioned above and other social media platforms, I still think that some marketing strategies are missing to increase sales through Instagram. Before you start selling on Instagram, you can read my article on how to sell on Instagram here.

Below you can find my article in which I explained the intricacies of increasing sales on Instagram in three steps.

1- Differentiate Your Link Shares

Since its establishment, Instagram does not allow link sharing on the platform, except for the bio part. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find out how much traffic Instagram posts provide to your site. In addition, users will soon forget your website address that you have written in the bio section. However, when you put the links you will create via TinyURL or Bitly in the Instagram bio, it is possible to follow the traffic that will come to your site from here, albeit a bit complicated.

Another method for sharing website links on Instagram is to write your website name on the “Location feature”, which is a place where users can directly see and take action, so that users will always see your website address.

2- Do not direct your customers to your Homepage

Since the Instagram purchasing feature is not active yet, it is only possible to share product photos and videos. The website link is shared because your customers need to go to your website to sell.

Customers directed to the home page of their website may not be able to make sales in general. Instead, directing customers to web pages related to the products they are interested in will increase the sales figures. It is also useful to write the web page address where your customers will make their purchases and where the product is located at the bottom of the photos you share.

As Instagram is a mobile application, your customers will visit your site mostly from mobile devices. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website is compatible with mobile phones.

Use 3-Party apps

If you don’t have a website to sell your products or a homepage to direct your customers to, then you can use 3rd party applications and platforms that will make it easier for you to make sales and get paid. Shopinstar.com in Turkey, which I have shared before, is a good example of this. Globally, you can use the tools named LiketoKnow and Like2Buy.

You need to share a custom URL on your profile with Like2Buy. This URL directs users to a page on Instagram with all the products you sell. Since all the shares on the page you are directed to are linked to the products on your website, it becomes possible to make sales. In order to use this application, you need to link your Instagram account to Like2Buy.

In the LiketoKnow application, if a user likes the product photo you shared, LiketoKnow sends that user a link to buy the product by email.

4- Instagram Ads

Although advertising on Instagram is not open to everyone, I think you have started seeing ads on your Instagram account. Although most companies stay away from advertising on social media, sponsored content has a big impact on sales.

If businesses and brands want Instagram posts to reach more people, I recommend you to consider sponsored content. First of all, I would like to underline that Instagram ads should be open to everyone and advertising should overlap with the marketing goals of brands and institutions.

Sponsored content will be a factor that will increase sales in the future when the features I have mentioned above are implemented.

So, do you have a corporate account where you sell products on Instagram? How do you add website links to the content you have shared? You can share it with me in the comment section.