A violent game called Momo, which suddenly appeared in Mexico and shared on WhatsApp, is spreading. Momo, “Are we facing a new Blue Whale?” led to the question. Authorities warn of the dangers of the game.

According to the news in BBC Turkish, internet crime research and investigation unit in Mexico, located in the Americas, explains that Momo started as a social media group:

“It all starts with a post on a Facebook page. A number of people started competing with each other to call an unfamiliar number for some unknown reason.

“Many internet users said that they contacted Momo and they got a set of violent photos in response. Some of these users say they have received threatening messages, and some even say that they are threatened that their private information will be disclosed.”

Police warn the public against the invitations about the issue

However, the game is not limited to Latin America, it has already reached the USA, France and Nepal.

Spain made a statement about not accepting unexpected and unknown game invitations via social media, by working with the authorized police on the subject.

Just like their Mexican police colleagues, the Spanish police are trying to raise awareness and awareness about the issue through the messages they send through social media. Under the hashtag #BullshitGormezdenGelin, the police are trying to tell social media users to stay away from Momo and prevent silly trends from reaching other users via WhatsApp. However, despite all these warnings, there is no clear information about what or who Momo is, and how he came to be.

How did it come about?

Nasıl ortaya çıktı?
Momo can reply to messages sent over a number with Mexico country code.

Internet, Momo It’s overflowing with related content. The world’s most famous social news site has already taken its place among the most read on Reddit “Who and what is WhatsApp girl Momo? ” title.

The most popular answer to this question on the same platform (on Reddit) is as follows:

“One of the Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America cut a photo from Instagram and created a WhatsApp user with it. Then this number began to spread inexorably and disturbing and violent photos began to come to those who came into contact. Some also say that Momo has accessed their personal information.”

The photo used is taken from an exhibition in Japan

Kullanılan fotoğraf Japonya'daki bir sergiden alınma

The only identifiable information about Momo is the country code in Japan (+81), Colombia (+52), and Mexico (+57) Three separate numbers with the extension are associated with this game.

The profile photo used on Whatsapp was obtained from an exhibition held in Japan a while ago and aroused worldwide interest. Known as Momo after the exhibition, this scary face belonged to a “bird woman sculpture” that was presented to the interested parties at the said exhibition. “Momo”, which was showcased in the 2016 exhibition at the Vanilla Museum, was one of the most interesting works of the event.

He shared the photos that attracted the attention of many people and taken with him on social media and spread on Instagram in this way. The Mexican local police are of the opinion that during this time someone cut the photo they came across on Instagram and created the character of Momo.

What are the Dangers of Momo Game?

In addition to where the game comes from, the most frequently asked question is its dangers. So what are the dangers of Momo game?
Mexican cybercrime police shows five different topics about possible threats of Momo, besides the dangers of texting with an unknown number:

  • Your personal information can be stolen via WhatsApp.
  • A dangerous language is used in the game and it can lead people to commit suicide.
  • Users playing the Momo game are threatened and harassed.
  • Money can be obtained by force from the players.

  • Participants of the game can suffer from depression and anxiety attacks.

Reminds me of the Blue Whale Game !

The Blue Whale Game, which dragged many people to death in 2017, has started to be compared with the Momo game by many people. Although the Blue Whale game emerged in Russia, it has been played in many countries in a short time with the #BlueWhale hashtag. Although it spread over WhatsApp, the virtual construction game that is very popular among children, it has also started to be seen as a game character in Minecraft. Despite the emergence of the Momo game, virtual crime experts in many countries advise to stay away from such messaging chains and not to contact unknown numbers.

Would you participate in such a game? Or let us know how you would react if you received a message from Momo..