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Spotify Announces Adding Social Media Sharing Features – Spotify, the world-renowned digital music platform, has made some statements. In addition, they announced that they have added current sharing issues in the field of social media. Spotify allows us to share the music we like, ‘Podcast’ publications on ‘IOS’, ‘Andoroid’ in a primitive way. However, these features have been available since May 10.

The epidemic, which spread rapidly in the universe, caused intense closure and isolation in many states. However, what we shared in 2021, when the effects of the epidemic peaked, became more important than in previous times. Taking this idea into consideration, Spotify introduced features such as ‘Group Sessions’ and ‘Common Playlists’ to users. From June 2020; On a daily basis, we saw that use of ‘Group Sessions’ increased by over 290 on average.

The company continues to continuously improve users’ experiences to fulfill users’ requests. However, he stated that he is working to demonstrate the most useful listening experience for all users across the universe.

Spotify Announces Adding Social Media Sharing Features

The features that Spotify introduced to users are as follows:

You must listen to this episode:

First of all, it is possible for us to share a certain summary of ‘podcast’ parts. In this way, it is possible for the audience to listen to the part they like exactly. In order to use the feature we mentioned, you need to tap on the ‘Share’ section while listening to some of the listeners’ liked the ‘postcast’ broadcast. However, you also need to use the ‘share start’ feature. Finally, you have to choose which platform they want to display the content on.

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Canvas feature is also coming to new platforms:

First of all, it is possible to use the ‘Canvas’ feature that we used in ‘Instagram Stories’ in other places as well. In other words, users have the opportunity to use this ‘canvas’ feature on Snapchat and Facebook platforms. However, we can say the following about the details we learned. Showing a completely new listening experience, Canvas will continue to turn the stagnant song page into a video-art game.

Sharing gets easier:

The current sharing experience on mobile means something. In addition, it shows the audience a preview of the shares they will make on Instagram stories, Snapchat, Facebook stories. As a result, it gets users to understand what their stories will look like.

Spotify Subscribers – Spotify Social Media Sharing Features

The number of Spotify subscribers is increasing regularly. However, according to the official statement, the number of paid subscribers of Spotify has exceeded 158 million. However, the number of monthly active users of the service is around 356 million. In addition, Apple Music, Spotify’s strongest competitor, has not been transmitting information about subscriptions for a long time.

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