Instagram danismanlik hizmeti duyuru

With the developing technology, the way entrepreneurs follow the developments related to their businesses, employees and the sectors they are in, has also changed. In the article published in Entrepreneur, tips are shared to ensure that entrepreneurs do not fall behind next year’s trends.

As you know, social media is developing very quickly. Therefore, social media marketing strategies cannot be static. Instead, it is necessary to re-evaluate and review corporate goals, social media campaigns and strategies at least once a year.

Being aware of these trends will help you develop better strategies, implement the most effective methods, and determine where to invest your workforce and financial resources. Below you can read the predicted social media trends for 2014 and beyond.

1. Use different platforms.  You may have read about the change Facebook has made in its algorithms. If you manage a brand or institution fan page, 6% of your total followers will now be able to see what you have shared. According to experts, this figure will drop to 1%. As you can guess, Facebook aims to increase its revenues with this change. This is a very serious problem only for those who invest in a platform such as facebook. Therefore, you will need to reconsider your social media strategies in this sense.

2. Use Google+. If you are an institution or user who really cares about social media channels, you should not ignore Google+. Although some do not like it for its ease of use, this platform is a useful platform for the algorithm developed by Google. This situation will continue in the upcoming period. It will not be a surprise for those working in the field of SEO, but he shared the fact that Facebook and Twitter have no effect on SEO rankings in a video recently. Google+ data will be more easily accessible if data is needed in social media search rankings. Google+ also provides access to Google Autorship, which plays a very important role in SEO ranking. Google authorship provides search engines with an opportunity to access the content you have created and to highlight who wrote it.

3. Social Media, SEO and content marketing integration. In the digital marketing industry, social media, SEO and content marketing are closely related. Social media marketing closely influences how content is viewed and shared. Creating content is directly related to SEO performance, especially with the latest algorithm developed by Google. SEO, content and social media, which are the three pillars of online marketing that increase your visibility in the digital world, ensure your brand awareness and ultimately increase your customer acquisition and sales, should not be considered separately.

4. Create image content. According to research, 63% of the content on social media has visual content. Therefore, social media platforms where visuality is at the forefront have a high importance for institutions. In another study, 29% of Pinterest users chose to buy products they pinned. Video content, on the other hand, is more important than before with the development of video features on platforms such as Vine and Instagram. Infographics that I have shared with you before, have an increasing importance in terms of adding visual richness and effectiveness and as they can be used as an effective promotional tool.

It would be wrong to expect the same amount of benefit from all platforms. It can be decided which platform can be used more effectively with the trial method and response rates.

5. Branding in Social Media. Social media channels should be managed for brand building. Regardless of the platform, building a brand will affect your SEO and increase your sales in the long run. Is a social media strategy you have made on one platform the same as on another platform in terms of brand awareness? Does your user account and logo represent your brand? Are your status notifications on social platforms up to date? Creating a brand and gaining awareness using social media will be one of your trends.

Considering the developments in social media, entrepreneurs need to develop strategies without relying on just one platform. Thus, the return on investment in social media will be high.

Finally, you should follow the developing trends, keep an eye on them and invest in what you can apply to your business!

So, what do you think will be the trend in social media marketing next year? You can share it with me in the comment section.