SnapchatVSInstagram2 The stories feature in the new update of Instagram brought along many discussions. Actually, you don’t need to think too much about it. Because thinking too much will put you in a position that is equivalent to not thinking at all: No matter how you look at it, Instagram has copied Snapchat. As the discussions continued, the eyes were turned to the explanations from the brands, but both brands are still keeping their silence. However, Spotify CEO, who experienced a similar situation last year, had a very entertaining comment on Apple Music that could explain the world in two words:


Copy, Play, Whisk

After every movie, book, story, and TV series that makes a lot of noise, rumors of plagiarism begin to spread. Woody Allen’s movie Blue Jasmine made a mess at the Oscars. But then Woody Allen casually explained that the story was an adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ famous play, The Trolley of Desire. There were rumors and even lawsuits that many movies that sounded like Pirates of the Caribbean and turned into a series were stolen. I mean, stuff like this happens. We’ve said it before, sometimes muses are dangerous. The important thing is not to steal something from somewhere, but to adapt it correctly, normalize it and stop being surprised by it. It will be much more comfortable afterwards.

Snapchat and Instagram are Similar to Winston Churchill and Alexander Fleming

So it goes: Sir Alexander Fleming is a name that left his mark on world history as the doctor who discovered penicillin. Fleming’s father saves a small boy from drowning on the Scottish coast, and his father offers to pay for Fleming’s education as a thank you. So Fleming winds up in medical school and makes his invention: Penicillin! Namely, the drug that saved Winston Churchill’s life. So who do you think Fleming’s father saved from drowning? Yes, Winston Churchill! Rumors point out that penicillin was used much earlier, but in the end, Fleming is the name that used the drug correctly in Churchill’s treatment, as in the treatment of millions of people! By taking this issue as an example, we can examine Snapchat and Instagram. The results we encounter are the mutual feeding of these two channels. In this case, too, we will not encounter anything like a conflict between Spotify and Apple Music. Because this duo will go on like this. Instagram’s copying things will also work for Snapchat.

Getting Sincerity As Always

People can drag others into deep depressions with their lives on Instagram. A person browsing Instagram feels like everyone is walking on the edge of a perfect life, except for his own life. There is a lack of sincerity here. Snapchat saw this move and stepped up. He said that you can share everything that you will delete within 24 hours, even only with the people you want. This sincerity has enabled Snapchat to even surpass Twitter in terms of user count. If you give people a platform where they can show the truth and be comfortable, they will know where to take you. Because everyone has a story to tell.


Design, Usability, Comfort, Winner: Instagram

Snapchat’s people over the age of 25 have just started to use it, and most of the users (especially in Turkey) are under the age of 25, which is proof that Snapchat is challenging to use. Because the people over the age of 25 that we are talking about are the people who start with the most difficult and have patience to reach the easiest content and witness the birth of Facebook. As this was the case, no one approached a confusing practice. There is only one action left to do and that is to give this sincerity to these people. Facebook must have been brooding since its offer to buy Snapchat was turned down, so it created a Snapchat clone for Instagram. It is much easier to use, it is very easy to access the content, and most importantly, it is possible to publish content with a single touch…

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