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Stop-Motion Feature on Instagram, users have the opportunity to shoot entertaining videos. What is Stop-Motion on Instagram? How to Use ?

Before we move on to the article we wrote about the Instagram Slow Motion Feature, I think that there are those among our readers who are curious about the Instagram Focus Feature (Updated), which is a new feature. You can easily access it with the link.

What is Stop-Motion in Instagram? How to Use ?

What is Stop-Motion Feature? How to Use ?

  Instagram, the world’s most popular social networking site, is increasing in its regular use. One of the most important reasons for the increase in Instagram’s popularity and usage is that photo sharing is private and is frequently used by users.

Instagram’s popularity in photo sharing has also become widespread in video sharing. Along with the innovations it has made, it has brought a new color to video sharing. Now, Instagram is frequently used by users for video sharing as well as photo sharing.

Instagram, which is increasing in use day by day with new features and adding different features to its structure in this area, has gained the attention and appreciation of its users with a different innovation it has added. Surprising everyone with its Super Zoom feature, Instagram has finally added the Stop-Motion feature to the stories section.

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  Thanks to the new Stop-Motion feature in the Instagram Stories section, users have the opportunity to shoot entertaining videos. So, what is the newly added Stop-Motion Feature to Instagram stories? How to use? Details…

Slow Motion (Slow Motion) feature that comes with iPhone 5s helps users to shoot completely different videos. You can produce interesting images when you shoot a fast developing event or an outgoing object in the videos you will shoot in slow motion. Slow motion on Instagram has now gained a new trend thanks to the iPhone device.

With its Stories feature, Instagram, which has created a huge increase in interaction, adds the Stop-Motion feature to the stories section, thus giving its users the opportunity to create extremely entertaining and enjoyable videos. With this new feature, you can add the Stop-Motion feature to your Instagram stories with the photos you have taken consecutively.

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What is Instagram Stop-Motion Feature ?

  Slow Motion (Stop-Motion) Feature on Instagram is the creation of GIF extension videos with the combination of all photos by taking more than one photo. Of course, the photos do not merge, and the story you have posted looks like a short video with a GIF extension, since all the shares pass quickly in the stories section.

How to Use Stop-Motion Feature on Instagram?

  In order to use the Stop-Motion feature, which is the new favorite of Instagram, you need to click on the story section in the upper left corner of your account after installing the latest version of the application on your phone. Switch to the Stop-Motion screen next to the Hands Free category at the bottom of the Story section and start your photo shoots

After you’ve finished taking the photo, you can add text, tags and stickers to the photos you take. Can set effect properties. You can save the GIF to your gallery. After you finish taking the photo, the “Done” button at the topYou can make the story ready by pressing the ” button. After previewing, you can share the story with your friends.

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