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Should Facebook Messenger Make History? – Many of us have used the Facebook platform for years. It may even be the platform where some of us first met social media. We can say that the platform, which can be considered as the ancestor of social media platforms, especially Instagram, is not as simple and safe as we thought.

We’ve heard the name of Facebook Group of Companies a lot lately. The privacy agreement of the Whatsapp application created a sensational effect, causing many users to switch to competing applications.

Facebook Group of Companies holds almost all of the platforms where millions of data flows in seconds. But data scandals can no longer cope. While doing normal messages on Facebook, the number of users of the platform suddenly started to explode. Almost everyone was active on the platform. Our aunt in the Netherlands, whom we had never met, was sending us messages. Just at this point, a plugin called Facebook  Messenger was included in the platform. We even started to be unable to see our messages on mobile devices without Facebook Messenger. What exactly does the Facebook Group of Companies want to do?

Should Facebook Messenger be obsolete?

Messenger or Data Filter


Before we move on to the data filter, let’s briefly recall the Facebook data scandal. User data begins to be collected by Facebook in 2014. (Approximately 50 million user data) is sold to a company called Cambridge Analytica. The company uses this data to change voters’ opinions in elections.

Facebook Messsenger is a data paradise with 1.3 billion users. According to the latest published data, if you are one of the 1.3 billion users, it has the ability to convince you to get out of those users immediately. Security researchers Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry ,

They announced that Facebook Messenger is capturing connections sent between users. They even proved that it downloads attachments and files sent. Most users saw all these risks in their published reports. Thereupon, the application was stopped in Europe. But it’s still in use in the rest of the world.

We see the privacy areas of Whatsapp and Messenger in the table

No matter how similar applications are Whatsapp and Messenger They differ on a subtle point about privacy. End-to-end encryption… So this means; WhatsApp cannot send server-side link previews or download custom attachments and links, nor watch content. As Whatsapp says in its famous confidentiality agreement, “we cannot read or listen to your personal conversations.” But Messenger can and does. Because Facebook is hungry for our data.

Mark Zuckerberg promised end-to-end encryption in response to the decision to stop the application in Europe. He also stated the following in this speech: “The most important aspect of privacy and security is that your conversations stay between you. This means your conversations should always be end-to-end encrypted and should be lost when you’re done with them. “But no such update has been made yet.

The Other Side of the Coin: Whatsapp


Whatsapp has been leading the world’s agenda lately. A confidentiality agreement sent to its users made a big noise and caused many users to abandon the application. Telegram and especially Signal applications, of which most of us have heard for the first time, have exploded in download rates. But Whatsapp is the instant messaging application with the most users worldwide.

Although most people have created user accounts in alternative applications, it has also been analyzed that they still use the application. When we look at the traffic data of various messaging platforms that started to be used as a result of the Whatsapp scandal, it is seen that Signal is the winner compared to other applications, but this is on a very small basis compared to Whatsapp. Although users do not trust the Whatsapp application, they are also skeptical about switching to a less reliable application.

Over the last 10 years, our data has become more valuable than most mines. All applications and platforms that want to survive in the virtual world are after our data. Nobody taught us how to protect our data. Just like in the “The Hunger Games” movie series, if we want to protect our data in order to survive, at this point, we have to learn how to do it ourselves.

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