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Safe and Conscious Social Media Use – Today, there seems to be almost no person who does not have an account on any platform on the Internet. These platforms can be a great blessing in order not to miss the agenda and stay in touch with your friends. However, it is quite normal to feel overwhelmed at times. In such cases, you can take a sigh of relief by following the steps of conscious social media use.

Safe and Conscious Social Media Use

Manually Login Every Time

No matter which social media platform you use, try logging out when exiting the app. So when you want to log in again, you will have to enter your information. This will make you question whether you really want to use that app at that moment.

Use Social Media for a Purpose

Before you sign in to any app, think about why you want to sign in. You may want to share something on the Internet. You may need some inspiration. You may need resources to read. Or you may want to communicate with your friends. Clarifying why you want to use the application will reduce the time you spend unconsciously on the Internet.

Be Aware of Time

Do you remember how many times you spent hours on Instagram when you logged in for 5 minutes? To many people, time seems to pass very quickly on social media. Setting a timer on your phone and following this schedule allows you to use your time efficiently. Thanks to the timer, conscious social media use becomes easier. In this way, you will also avoid wasting your time.

If your time is up and you haven’t finished what you want to do yet, it doesn’t matter. Your timer just helps you be aware of the time you spend on social media. Just focus on finishing what you’re aiming for first when you log in. This will prevent you from getting away from your purpose.

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Turn Off Notifications for Conscious Social Media Use

Continuous notifications on your phone remind you that there is a life outside of you. You find yourself checking social media even if you don’t want to. Turning off all notifications on your devices will only expose you to media when you log into the platform. When you are curious about new updates, you can check by entering at any time. Additionally, you can turn off your e-mail notifications.

Avoid Multitasking – Conscious Social Media Use

Set certain rules for yourself and don’t go on social media while doing other things. So, don’t open and browse Instagram while watching movies or reading a book. Also, don’t constantly check your phone while eating and socializing with other people.

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Make It Difficult For Yourself Using Social Media

If you want to spend less time on the Internet, you can make it difficult for yourself. As a first step, you can delete most of the apps from your devices. In this case, you will necessarily start using only from your computer. Since you will not be able to use it continuously, you will directly start to reduce your use. It is much more difficult to reduce the use of social media on a very accessible device such as a phone.

Produce Before Consuming – Conscious Social Media Use

Finish the tasks you need to finish before your hand reaches your phone. People who spend a lot of time on social media can easily realize that productivity and motivation are too absorbed by the internet. Therefore, do not allow yourself to enter social media until you have completed your daily tasks.

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Adopt Timing Tools

If you want to use it to serve social media, you can use scheduling tools for regular sharing. You can schedule your posts on Facebook. You can also use tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Sprout.

Timers help you deliver content consistently. In addition, it allows you to broadcast regularly on social media without being online. Your mind is not limited in sharing and sharing time. Even if you are not there, the interaction with your followers continues in the background.

Know That You Don’t Have to Instantly Post

When you have a good moment, it’s normal to want to share it. Many people prefer to focus only on their happy and fun moments in their accounts. However, when you have a good moment ready, you should not feel obliged to share it immediately. You can take your photos and videos and share that moment in your accounts later. While you are having a good time, you will not be distracted by the internet. This helps you to enjoy the moment more.

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Make Friends with Airplane Mode – Conscious Social Media Use

You can use airplane mode when you don’t want disturbing elements while doing a job. In this way, you will not be disturbed by messages and calls, as you do not receive notifications from social media. Airplane mode allows you to use your time more efficiently as it will make it impossible to access the internet. Especially in the evening, after a certain time, you can put your devices in airplane mode. After you start doing this, you will also notice that you sleep easier.

Consciously Edit the Accounts You Follow

If you feel overwhelmed, you may want to review who you follow, which pages you like, and which groups you belong to. Try to follow the accounts whose posts you are inspired by and make you feel good. Examining the accounts you follow regularly will make a serious difference in the conscious use of social media.

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Be Aware That Social Media Is Artificial

When you surf the Internet, you only see a small slice of someone else’s life. This is a section to the extent that he prefers to share it with you. Therefore, do not compare your own life with what you see on the Internet. No person is perfect and no one has a perfect life. How it looks on social media doesn’t change reality much.

Remember that Social Media is Effective

When you start practicing the steps of conscious social media use, you will realize how wonderful the internet is. Your online accounts are a tool for you to meet like-minded people you may not meet in real life. You can choose the most conscious usage model for yourself by making different experiments.

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