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Facebook is the world’s largest social sharing platform. Photos are shared every day on this platform, which is used by billions of people. People with a Facebook account can delete the photos they share, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by mistake. In such cases, many users struggle to get their photos back. In this article, we will provide information about Reaching Facebook Deleted Pictures.

Facebook users make many posts on a daily basis. Along with different sharings, photo sharing is also done frequently. Some Facebook users may delete pictures they have intentionally or accidentally uploaded to their account. Many users regret this deletion.


Is it intentionally or People who unknowingly deleted them may feel uncomfortable with this situation and want to bring the photos back. Facebook users have the chance to recover deleted photos.

Is it possible to access Facebook deleted photos. The answer to the question is yes. Pictures deleted via Facebook can be restored in a few steps. For this, it is necessary to perform certain operations first.


It is very important for users to take a backup on Facebook as a precaution. Thanks to the backup process, it will be much easier to restore the deleted data. All the data backed up on Facebook is stored in the archive. In this way, the user will have the opportunity to reverse any deletion and restore from the archive.

It is possible to answer the question of how do I access Facebook deleted pictures with these steps;

Enter the Facebook site and log in with the user name.

Enter the “Settings” section in the menu on the right.

After logging into the settings section, the page that says “Download a copy of Facebook data” Click on the section.

Thanks to the download process, it will be possible to access all of the old data shared by the user on Facebook.

If the Facebook user does not perform a data backup, then they will not have the chance to access the old pictures. p>


Facebook deleted r Things to consider when downloading images are listed as follows;

  • Facebook user should definitely back up the shares he/she has made on the platform.
  • It will be possible to download old images shared via the archive again.
  • When downloading from the archive, users need to re-enter the password for their security.
  • Restoring Facebook deleted pictures is a bit of a long process, so Facebook users need some patience.
  • Deleted images downloaded from Facebook receive the downloaded data via the e-mail account registered with Facebook.
  • When Facebook deleted pictures are uploaded from the archive, a notification message is sent via the person’s e-mail account.
  • When you click on the “download my archive” link on the e-mail, all the content will be automatically downloaded to the computer. li>
  • Facebook does not delete any photo of its users, it just keeps it. In this way, it is possible to download all deleted images.

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