instagram silinen hesabı geri alma formu
İnstagram Silinen Hesabı Geri Alma

Today I’m going to tell you how to do recover Instagram deleted account. How can I delete my instagram account, how can I delete my instagram account? I explained in my post. There was a point I mentioned in that article; Instead of deleting your Instagram account, freeze it, so that you can easily reopen your account if you regret it later. Anyway, don’t worry, we will get your instagram account back 😉
I present this article to those who did not listen to me and deleted their instagram account 🙂 Let’s see how instagram deleted account recovery is done.

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Account?

Friends Instagram deleted account recovery and frozen, that is, temporarily closed account recovery process is very complicated. If our Instagram account is deleted intentionally or accidentally, we cannot open it by entering the username and password again. In order to reclaim our account, we need to fill out a form that Instagram has given us.

If you want, let’s move on to the explanation immediately.

  • First of all, let’s go to the form to fill in recover deleted instagram account FROM THIS ADDRESS. You will see the screen shown in the picture below.
ginstagram silinen hesabı geri alma formu
How do I get back deleted account on Instagram?
  • Is this account used to represent a business, product or service?” the question is asked. Here we select the “No” option.
  • When we say no, the section where we will enter our user information opens. In this field, we write the requested information correctly. Be sure to enter the e-mail address of your deleted instagram account.
  • After entering the information, we press the send button.

That’s all we’ll do to get your Instagram account back.

  • From now on we will follow our mailbox
  • We will receive an email from The Instagram Team
  • The mail will contain a code number consisting of numbers
  • We will handwrite this code number on a piece of paper. We will take our picture holding the text in front of us and post it on Instagram. You can send it as a reply to the mail.
  • The writing must be legible, the hand holding the text must be visible in the photograph, and the text and our face must be in the same frame. Remember these.
  • Then the waiting phase begins again. The speed of the Instagram deleted account recovery process is directly proportional to the speed of Instagram employees.
  • If your account is suitable for you to retrieve, you can start using your deleted Instagram account again with your username and password.
  • There are also Instagram accounts that were deleted after policy violations. In such a case, we will receive an email informing us that our Instagram account has been closed due to policy violations.
  • Recovering deleted instagram account for policy violation is a bit difficult guys. In this case, what we need to do is report our Instagram account to be stolen. So say I didn’t commit those policy violations. So in short, getting back an Instagram account that was deleted by violation of policy takes some credibility 🙂
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