yemek tarifi siteleri
yemek tarifi siteleri

Today I am introducing you to recipe sites in Turkey. As you know, as a result of the responsibilities of business life and the intense pace of city life, we do not have many opportunities to cook at home anymore. In the recipes that most of us know, unfortunately, dry beans cannot go beyond rice 🙂 our rice is also porridge 🙂

That’s where recipe sites come into play. The ingredients of the recipe, the stages of making the recipe are explained in detail step by step. But let’s say in advance that not every site has a recipe. That’s why you need to choose the website where you will look for recipes very carefully. We don’t want to throw away materials, do we?

I made a compilation of recipe sites in Turkey for you. As a result of the compilation I have made, by examining the sites I have presented to you, by choosing the sites that are most suitable for you, recipes are the most understandable to you; You can use these sites.

Selected Recipe Sites

Here are the recipe sites we have chosen for you.

1 –

The majority of the recipes on are created by users who are members of the site. The site stands out not only as a recipe site but also as an entertaining portal. Anyone who wishes can become a member of, which is a site that tastes more like a humor page than a recipe, and can publish a recipe. Here comes a problem; As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, some recipes don’t quite fit 🙁 It’s a good food site in general.

2 – Yummy

Members are adding recipes to the site, which was founded by Elif Atalar as a food blog and then moved to a different infrastructure and underwent radical changes! What I observed as a user on the site with many recipes was that the ads on the site should be reduced a little. Unfortunately, I had to leave the site as a result of the advertisements coming over me from all over the site and the recipe pages being opened too late. To put it briefly, it’s a good site, except for the ads that pop up from right to left.

3 –

Doğan Burda Magazine Publishing and Marketing Inc. Recipes found in the corporate website of the company,, are generally good, apart from a few glitches. What are these problems? In a few recipes I look at, the ingredients that are not in the ingredient list suddenly appear in the description of the recipe 🙂 As such, after preparing the ingredients, one starts looking for ingredients in the kitchen when they move on to the recipe stages.

4 –

Recipe categories are listed separately on this site, making it easy to find the recipe you are looking for. Again, while making the recipes on this site where the members write recipes, I recommend that you read the recipe first and do it if you feel like it. Otherwise, you may have to run around in the kitchen like you just did 🙂

5 –

The site has been a bit amateur, but it has been in the industry for many years and has a wide user. From here, my advice to the site is to change the site design immediately 😉 If we come to the recipes on the site; Most of the recipes are illustrated, but as I said, the recipe materials and explanations are not appealing to the eye due to the site design.

6 –

The site belongs to Arda Türkmen, whom many of us know well. Although it is not known whether the recipes on the site are written by Arda Türkmen, the site is one of the sites that I find successful in general. There are no ads flying from right to left like that 🙂 The recipes on the site are good, the theme of the site is very nice and it is a user-oriented theme. As such, it was easy to get a passing grade from me 😉

What I need to tell you again as we come to the end of my article; Be sure to check out the recipe sites that I have shared. For example, search for the recipe you know most on the site and compare the recipe you come across. See if the materials used and the recipe are really correct. Stay away from sites that you don’t fully trust, especially from sites where everyone writes and publishes easily. Don’t let your materials go to waste 😉

Stay well, sir.