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Real-Time Marketing Examples – While it may seem like people are using streaming services and podcasts more often, real-time media is still more popular. Real-time marketing is a great way to capture and convert your audience. This method not only positively impacts standard marketing goals – word of mouth, attention, preference, probability of trial or purchase – but also accelerates other marketing initiatives, including paid and owned media activity.

Real Time Marketing Examples

What is Real-Time Marketing?

In marketing management, this means reacting in real or near time. It is achieved by creating relevant messages, listening to and anticipating customer needs on social channels. Basically, this method focuses on trends, current events or feedback. This type of marketing replaces months of making a marketing plan or strategy. Of course, you may have a different marketing plan, but you can get faster returns with this method.

The aim is to communicate with your target audience and convey the value of your brand correctly. If there is a current event or an ongoing trend, real-time marketing can make your job easier. For example, if you shape your advertising strategy according to an existing fashion, your company will attract more attention because you understand your target audience.

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How to Implement Real Time Marketing

Real-time marketing helps you deliver relevant messages based on the wants, interests, and needs of your target audience. The best way for marketers to implement such a strategy is to use an active social media account. If your social media team is following what is happening on the internet as it should be, they will already be informed about the demands and current trends. In addition, by analyzing your own data, you can better learn about your target audience and their interests.

For example, you can look at your website traffic or social media analytics to discover the most popular topics. You can also find out what questions your audience is asking through social analytics tools. Having a team that actively looks at this information every day is an added advantage. This team can make a real-time marketing plan and strategize.

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If you want a paid real-time marketing ad, you can get help from social media and search engine targeting tools to reach the right audience. This type of personalization in marketing also increases real-time marketing efforts day by day. As a result, to effectively implement this marketing plan, you should always listen to your target audience, follow industry trends, and know their questions.

Think about your target audience and what you want to achieve before implementing a campaign in this type of marketing. Once you identify the target, you can compose your message in the form of a social media comment, email or advertisement.

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Real Time Marketing Examples

Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

A prime example of real-time marketing is the ice bucket campaign, which became popular in 2014. This trend, which quickly covered the whole world, attracted the attention of many companies and celebrities. Taking part in the challenge was a way to raise awareness and money for ALS. However, as it is a current event and trend, companies have also been included in it. Thus, they were able to increase brand awareness and awareness.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell started to be followed by many people on social media through the brand messages it prepared. The firm’s social media strategy is an example of enthusiastic real-time marketing. The company responds to messages on Twitter almost twice an hour. Listening to and interacting with customers online is a priority for Taco Bell.

Real-time marketing is a great strategy to connect with your customers right now. However, it is important to measure sentiment in order to implement this type of marketing. You can use free tools to get started, or invest in one of the many paid social media technologies.

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As the world’s largest Aerospace research agency, NASA doesn’t actually need an advertisement. But that doesn’t stop them from mastering the art of real-time marketing. NASA drew all the attention with a single tweet at the Oscar Awards Ceremony in 2014. The movie Gravity won multiple awards at the 2014 Academy Awards, while NASA showed what real gravity looks like from space.


At the 2014 Grammy Awards, singer Pharrell Williams wore a hat that closely resembles the logo of popular restaurant chain Arby’s. Arby’s marketing team gave the singer a playful tweet with the hashtag #GRAMMYs. Among Twitter users who retweeted more than 81,410 times, the tweet became an instant hit.

Real Time Marketing is one of the best ways to market your products or services. But to be successful with this strategy, you need to do proper market research. You also need to be innovative enough to grab the attention of your target audience. But if you can do it perfectly, there’s no better marketing strategy than this.

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