Today, many people or companies sell products through their Instagram accounts. The reasons for this are Instagram’s structure, popularity and especially its advantageous position in photo sharing.

You can sell products on Instagram through an Instagram account that you will open. If you have not yet decided on which product or product group you will sell, the product groups we have compiled for you in this article will be able to give you an idea about this.

There are many boutique accounts on Instagram that sell clothing products. You can open a boutique account on clothing and sell many different clothing products, including t-shirts, sweaters, underwear, outerwear, shoes, bags and hats, on Instagram.

The number of accounts on the sale of accessories on Instagram is increasing day by day. Accessories are not only attracted by women, but also by men. It is possible to buy visually incredibly beautiful accessories at very affordable prices, you can supply beautiful products at affordable prices and sell these products on Instagram.

If you say that you are talented in manual dexterity, it is possible to earn income by selling many different handicraft products that you will make at home on Instagram. Our advice in this regard is handmade action figures, which have been very popular lately. You can also produce and sell keychains, wooden products and more.

Antique products are products whose value is unknown by some people and can be bought by some people for very good prices. Therefore, it is possible to make a high profit per product by buying and selling antique products. First of all, you can buy affordable antique products in your area or affordable products you find on the internet and then sell these products on Instagram. If you wish, you can set a price for each product, or you can sell it by auction method.

You can sell new and second-hand books by opening an Instagram account on book sales. In this regard, let’s underline that comics, especially rare comics, are a great source of income.

There are many handmade products that you can produce at home. In this direction, you can produce tarhana, pasta, dried vegetables, dried fruits, cookies, tomato paste, pickles and many different organic food products and sell them on Instagram.

  •  Personalized Products

People today have a strong demand for personalized products that are customized for them. You can produce and sell personalized products with the help of the machinery and materials you will purchase by making the necessary investment. According to customer demand, you can print the designs requested by the customers on many textile products such as t-shirts, hats or bags. You can also produce personalized products such as pens, notebooks or thermos with name writing.

  • 3D Printer Production Products

The 3D printer industry has developed a lot recently, and the use of 3D printers has also become very common. With these developments, products produced with 3D printers have started to enter our lives. If you wish, you can buy a new or second-hand 3D printer and start production. If you wish, you can produce the designs you like and sell them as ready-made products, or you can produce and sell products in line with the orders and designs from your customers.