Tiktok Videolarımı Kimse İzlemiyor, Ne Yapmalıyım?

Almost all users in TikTok demand that their videos appeal to the widest audience and receive high views. At this point, why are my videos not being watchedis among the situations that some users frequently ask. There are different reasons for this as follows;

  1. You may be a new member
  2. You may have been blocked
  3. There may be a problem with your device

Therefore, you need to evaluate these situations one by one and find solutions, whichever is valid. Although it is possible to contact TikTok, if you pass them without trying, your process of getting help will be longer. For example, if you write without knowing that your posts are blocked, you may first receive a message about it.

However, if you notice and resolve this beforehand, you can state in your message that you have resolved the situation and requested that you be unblocked. Thus, the results you get will be better.

TikTok Community Guidelines

As unrelated as it may seem, there is a direct link between not watching your videos and community guidelines. Because if you violate them, the bots used by the platform can detect you. As a result, penalties for monitoring may be imposed. From this it is as follows;

  1. Violent extremism
  2. Age safety
  3. Honesty and reliability
  4. Dangerous actions
  5. Suicide and self-harm
  6. Hateful extremism
  7. Illegal activities and regulated products
  8. Violence and graphic content
  9. Adult sexuality and sexual activity
  10. Platform security

If you break even one of these rules, the platform may penalize you. Although these are often not read, this is not an excuse. So if your views are zero, you should first compare the content of your videos.

No Video Viewing Due To Being A New Member

TikTok is a very popular platform. That’s why a large number of people sign up every day, especially young people. These people also want to get views on their videos. Especially people in this category often express the problem of TikTok 0 views.

The biggest reason for this is that you are still new. Because many people are cautious or prejudiced against newly opened accounts. Therefore, it is natural that you do not get views in the first days or even weeks. Since this rate is gradually increasing, you should not worry. You can visit our buy tiktok views page to increase the number of views of your Tiktok videos.

Because as you share quality videos, your number of views will start to increase. If you don’t make good posts, your account gets off to a bad start.

No Video Viewing Due to Blocking

If you are not a new member and suddenly dropped to 0, the main reason is that you got banned. You don’t need to think much at this point. Because even if you start sharing poor quality, it takes a very long time to reach zero and a gradual decrease occurs.

In this case, you should look at the community terms we have provided above and examine where you are in breach. Because it is possible for you to be blocked because the platform noticed it or because you received a complaint. If you notice, all you have to do is delete them all. Then it waits for a while. The platform automatically removes it in 1-2 days.

However, if it continues, you should contact the platform and explain the situation.

No Video Watching Due to a Problem with Your Device

If your account is not blocked and you are not new, there may be a problem with your device. Therefore, it is recommended to confirm the status from the desktop. If numbers appear here, it means that the app on your smartphone is problematic. To solve TikTok video viewingthe following solutions are applied;

  1. Phone update
  2. Market app update
  3. TikTok update
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the application

If you try starting from the first of these, it is possible that you will get a solution. If nothing brings a solution, you should get support from the platform and report that the situation continues even though you have tried a solution.