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National Geographic July Photos – Top 7 Photos Published – NatGeographic is the journal of the NatGeo Society. This society is the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organization. Headquartered in Washington, this journal was first published in 1888. In the first year, a single issue appeared and was published sporadically until 1896. It has been published in 12 issues per year since 1896. It came out as The National Geographic Magazine in its early years, but later on continued as National Geographic. It was first published in Turkish in 2001. The magazine has a circulation of nearly 12 million. It has the most important photographers in the world. He also publishes the good shots captured by these photographers both on his websites and on his social media accounts. National Geographic operates in dozens of countries such as the USA, Germany, India, Turkey, Iran, Poland and England. In this article, by examining dozens of National Geographic sites specific to these countries, here are the National Geographic July Photos – Top 7 Photos and their stories…

gNational Geographic'in Yayınladığı En İyi 7 Kare (Temmuz)
Image: Behance

National Geographic July Photos – Top 7 Published Photo

1 • A Coffee Break for Life in Ethiopia

This shot by photographer Ami Vitale and published by National Geographic USA shows an Ethiopian family waiting for their coffee to be cooked. A little girl looking at her mother while the coffee is brewing has made us rank this photo among the 7 best shots National Geographic has ever published. Coffee is very important to Ethiopia. One fourth of the Ethiopian population earns their livelihood indirectly from the coffee trade. Coffee is also consumed frequently in Ethiopia. Especially families gathered at each other’s house want coffee to accompany the conversation, and according to Ethiopian traditions, coffee is not rushed out of respect for coffee.

Publisher: National Geographic USA

Etiyopya’da Hayata Kahve Molası - National Geographic'in Yayınladığı En İyi 7 Kare
Image: NatGeo

2 • Loving Lizards Fight

National Geographic India served this shot, which was captured with perfect timing by photographer Dipankar Bakshi. Judging by the description on the Photo, these Varanus (monitor lizards), who seem to be hugging each other, are in a fight for territorial domination. Even though it doesn’t reflect his story, it deserves to be among the 7 best frames National Geographic has published.

Publisher: National Geographic India

g Kertenkelelerin Sevgi Dolu Kavgası
Image: NatGeo India

3 • Lugu Lake Shore

Local people living on the shores of Lake Lugu, located between China’s Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, perform some rituals every morning. This shot taken at those moments reveals how beautiful the still unscavenged parts of nature are.

Publisher: National Geographic Poland

Lugu Gölü Kıyısı
Image: NatGeo Poland

4 • A Frame from Spain

Puente Nuevo bridge, located in Ronda, Spain and completed in 1793, connects the two sides of the city. This bridge, which was built 120 meters above the ground, occasionally creates postcard images.

Publisher: National Geographic Arab

gİspanya’dan Bir Kare - National Geographic'in Yayınladığı En İyi 7 Kare
Image: NatGeo Arab

5 • Voluntary Prison at Home

This shot is from the time when photographer Tamara Merino was quarantined at home to protect her newborn child during the pandemic. The reflections on the wall depicted confinement at home very well. The Photographer summarized the frame with the sentences that this is a voluntary confinement, therefore it is not difficult, and that confinement becomes difficult when imposed by someone else. This photo is also among the 7 best shots published by National Geographic in July.

Publisher: National Geographic USA

Evde Gönüllü Hapis - National Geographic'in Yayınladığı En İyi 7 Kare
Image: NatGeo

6 • Global Warming

Even though it has not been on the agenda recently, the world continues to warm. Life is getting harder and harder for some creatures because of this. In this frame captured by Andy Mann, it is seen that a polar bear that had to run on ice had to swim in the water because it could not find ice. The world is warming and we, who cause it, are taking away the right of living things to live.

Publisher: National Geographic Serbia

rsel: NatGeo Serbia

7 • Shall We Swim Together?

This frame is not only one of the best of July, but also the most positive of all time.One of the photos. Bonobos, who can comfortably walk on two legs, are very social creatures. They are also very affectionate towards people. Photographer Lola ya Bonobo captured this perfect shot.

Publisher: National Geographic Arab

Image: NatGeo Arab

Note: It’s possible that you’ve seen some photos elsewhere before. NatGeo publishes the best shots taken by photographers legally over time from their websites and accounts. While creating this list, we do not look at when the frame was taken, but when National Geographic included this frame in its services.

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