Recently, we have encountered many complaints by our readers that the photos shared on Instagram are getting the error that they are being deleted by themselves. If the photos you have shared on Instagram are automatically deleted or disappear, this article is for you.

The social media platform Instagram has become a popular application where users use every moment as video and picture sharing. In Instagram, where millions of shares are made, it is seen that many users also face many complaints that the photos they shared are deleted automatically.

Instagram users who encounter this problem state that the photos or videos they share are automatically removed after 1-2 seconds and are not visible. The main reason for this problem is a problem that users encounter after the extra applications they have allowed to their Instagram accounts.

In addition, users want to know why the photos and videos they have shared before are not visible in their accounts, although they do not provide such a process. Despite these, if you also have deleted shares, another reason for this is that the post must be your own or one that will not receive complaints. Otherwise, the photos or videos you will share may be deleted by Instagram as spam.

What should be done to prevent the photos from being deleted?

In this part, we will try to eliminate this problem with a few steps so that the photos you will share are not deleted. After trying these methods, if your photos are not uploaded again, we will try to bring them back with other steps.


Removing Instagram App Permissions on Computer

1- Login to Instagram application. If you are going to operate on the computer, log in to the Instagram main page.
2- After entering your Instagram account information, click on the “Profile” field on the right side of your screen.
3- Then click on the “Edit Profile” section in the window opened from the Profile tab.
4- After logging into the “Profile Editing” page from here, click on the “Permissioned Applications” tab from the fields on the left.
5- You can revoke the access of the applications in this area by clicking the “Revoke Access” button.

Removing Instagram Application Permissions on Android & iOS Devices

Although the Instagram application rarely updates on the website, the frequency of updates on mobile devices has increased recently. Thus, users can easily update the application from their phones.

The same procedures for removing Instagram application permissions on your computer will also apply to your phones. In order to do this, first of all, after logging into your Instagram account, open the “Request desktop site” permission in your browser and apply the above procedures here as well.

Note: It would be appropriate to change your password after removing the applications you have allowed on Instagram. Thus, by changing your Instagram password, your account will be controlled only by you.

We hope that your problem will be solved with the information we have given about the Instagram self-deleting photo error.