With the increase in the use of social media, many people open private profiles in these areas and correspond with other people. However, some people try to disclose personal data by stealing their accounts, and this is quite dangerous. Questions such as My Instagram account has been taken over by someone else, what should I do are frequently asked today. Although there are many ways for this, if the account is taken over by a professional person, it is very difficult to get it back. For this reason, certain steps should be done correctly and some points should be given importance after the account is taken back. Thus, there is no possibility of being stolen again.

Instagram Account Theft Process

My Instagram account has been taken over by someone else, what should I do? The question is asked by many people today. The main reason for this is the desire to increase followers. These free sites, which are used to increase followers, can provide quick access to people’s accounts. It also allows people to do this voluntarily by giving their username and password. This ensures that the information can be easily changed and the account cannot be accessed later.

Apart from the pages that give followers, accounts can also be stolen by people who want to use your account for malicious purposes. In order not to face such situations, it is of great importance to act according to the security policies offered by Instagram.

Steps to Recover My Stolen Instagram Account

My Instagram account has been taken over by someone else, what is it? i have toWith the increase of the question, there are steps to be followed to undo it. Before applying these steps, many people think of accessing the forgot password section. However, it is very unlikely that people will get their account back with this process. Therefore, it is unnecessary to spend time on this. The steps to be followed in order to retrieve the stolen account are as follows;

  • It is necessary to enter the Instagram login page and click on the “Get help to log in” button.
  • User name from the place opened on the page after clicking. You must have an account with. If the name of the account has been changed, information about the new name should be obtained through other people following the account.
  • After the account name is found, the user name and the account must be found in the “Find your account” section. If there is an account, the e-mail address should be found. Re-access to the account can be provided via sms or via sms.

If the above steps are done, my Instagram account has been taken over by someone else, if there is a question what should I do, clicking the “I need more help” button at the bottom of the same page required. After completing and sending the necessary information on the page that opens later, your account will be taken back by Instagram officials and an account recovery e-mail link will be sent within 2 or 3 days. You can easily access the account by obtaining a password from here.

What To Do To Keep Your Instagram Account Secure

In order not to be faced with the question of what should I do, my Instagram account has been taken over by someone else, people need to secure their accounts. For this, Instagram offers many ways to people. It shows how secure the passwords chosen by the people are during the password selection. In addition to this indicator, the Two-Factor Authentication method must be activated. With this method, which ensures that the security is kept at a high level, it becomes impossible for another person to access the account without the passwords you have. Thus, the probability of people having problems with issues such as my Instagram account has been stolen or I cannot access my Instagram account drops to a very low level. In fact, the probability of this operation happening is almost negligible.