Today, with the increase in the use of social media, many people’s accounts are in danger of being stolen. This allows many people’s photos, videos and other content to fall into the hands of others and be used in dangerous situations. In case of such situations, many people are faced with the question of how can I complain that my Instagram account has been stolen.

After making sure that the Instagram account has been stolen, changing the password is a short-term solution. Because it does not take a long time for the person who made this situation to crack the new password. Complaining is a very good method. However, many people do not know how to do it.

Complaining in Case of Stolen Instagram Account

The question of how can I report my Instagram account was stolen is on the minds of many. In order to create a complaint, people must first enter the Settings tab on the application and enter the help option. After entering here, it is necessary to click on the Help center on the main page and select the Confidentiality and Security option on the page that is directed. In this section, every situation that people can get about security is written.

In case of not being able to access the account, but wanting to complain to close the account, the “Get help” button on the Instagram main page should be clicked. Afterwards, personal information such as e-mail address, phone, user name and last used password must be entered completely. After the complaint request is created, a link is sent to the e-mail address provided for authentication. In this connection, personal information and information that the person who stole the account will not know are requested for account recovery processes. Afterwards, the account recovery process is completed and the question of how can I complain that my Instagram account has been stolen is eliminated. In 2 or 3 days, a notification e-mail is sent and necessary explanations are made about the end of the account recovery process.

Methods to Keep Instagram Account Safe

My Instagram account was stolen, how can I complain? Increasing account security after staying or staying is important for many people. Thus, undesirable dangerous situations are prevented. Instagram provides many opportunities for people to keep their account security at a high level. These possibilities consist of the following;

  1. My Instagram account has been stolen, it ensures that the necessary forms are sent to the authorities for the question of how can I complain, and it ensures that the information received and the accounts are safely retrieved.
  2. Creating a password. The security level on the right is the place that people should pay attention to. Thus, it is seen how secure the password to be obtained is.
  3. Opens the Two-Factor Authentication system to the use of individuals. With this method, it is possible to log in via a second device only with the help of the passwords held by the account owner. It is not allowed to log in without these codes.

In order to ensure account security and not be faced with any stolen transactions, people must enter the phone numbers and e-mail addresses they actively use in their daily lives into the system correctly. recording is also important. Because, if a new password is received or there is any activity in your account that has not been seen before, Instagram officials are informed via e-mail. Thus, account security is ensured.

In case the account is thought to be stolen, it is also an important security step to change passwords at regular intervals. However, writing the received passwords to any application of the phone provides a security vulnerability. Therefore, passwords should be kept in mind as much as possible and care should be taken to ensure that passwords made with other applications are not the same.