In Instagram, the most used social media platform of recent years, users may encounter fake accounts opened in their names, and this means My Fake Account Has Been Opened on Instagram, How Can I Close It? raises the question. Although Instagram administrators have taken precautions, especially for the cases of account copying and opening fake accounts, which have increased recently, unfortunately these measures were not enough. So if there is a fake account opened in your name, what should you do to have it closed? By following the steps in this article, you can close the fake account opened in your name.

What Can I Do For A Fake Instagram Account Opened On My Name?

If an account on Instagram that does not belong to you has used your name, pictures and information without permission, you can report this account by filling out the Instagram fake account form . If the fake account opened in your name shares content such as photos and videos belonging to you, it will be closed by the Instagram Team within 24 hours.

Before the Instagram fake account is reported to the police , you can report this fake account that impersonates you or your institution on Instagram, on Instagram. For this, go to the complaint form page on Instagram and on the page that opens;

  • Someone has opened an account impersonating someone I represent
  • Someone has opened an account for my business or organization
  • Someone has opened an account impersonating me or a friend, whichever is appropriate for your situation select it and click Submit. This way, you will have completed your complaint.

The second method to report a fake account opened in your name is to use the Report tab on the fake account’s page. For this;

  • Click the three-dot options tab in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the Report… link on the screen that opens in the second step.
  • Select the Inappropriate tab on the screen that appears.
  • Select the phrase “This account is violating the community rules”.
  • Select Report Account on the next screen.
  • From here “This profile is impersonating someone else.” Select the phrase.
  • Choose the appropriate one from the options “Me, Someone I Know or A famous or well-known person” from the newly opened screen and submit the form.

After doing these steps Your notification will be evaluated by Instagram. According to the result of the evaluation, the account you report will be permanently deleted.

Is it possible to find a person who opened a fake account on Instagram?

Finding the person who opened the fake account in your name is a very difficult process. It is not possible for someone who is not an expert in this business to find the person who opened a fake account. In order to find this person, the person who created the fake account must be within the borders of the country. Also, if he used any server switching program, it’s almost impossible to find.

What Should You Do If A Fake Instagram Account Shares Your Photos?

If the account has not been closed after following all the steps we have written above, or if you cannot somehow prevent the use of your photos, you should immediately report this Instagram fake account to the police and file a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office. After you give the fake account URL requested from you at the prosecutor’s office, the account will be closed immediately by the prosecutor’s office.

In this article, we have compiled information about what you can do to have a fake account opened in your name. See you in our next article…