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instagram video I’m guessing that anyone who has followed or visited my blog for the first time has an Instagram account and will have shared photos. You may not only share it on Instagram, but also on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Well, besides sharing photos on Instagram, have you ever shared a video? If you haven’t already, you should include video sharing in your marketing strategy. Because the Instagram video feature has a greater impact than Twitter’s Vine application.

For beginners, to put it briefly, Instagram allows you to share videos for 15 seconds, which is 6 seconds on Vine. You can also edit the video before sharing it on Instagram.

In addition to these, you can also use Instagram filters in video sharing, and each video you share is viewed by more people, considering the number of Instagram users. You do not need to download a separate application to share videos on Instagram, you can share directly from within the application. Your video sharing is not only watched on Instagram, if you share it with your Facebook account, your friends on Facebook can also watch your video shares like regular videos on Youtube and Facebook.

After explaining what Instagram video is and its difference from other applications, let’s move on to how you can include it in your marketing strategy.

1) Share a Product Demo or Answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes, it takes a long time to answer a customer’s question via Twitter, Facebook or mail. By determining the most frequently asked questions, you can share videos on Instagram in response to them.

If your customers ask a lot of questions about how the product works, sharing a video about using the product with audio will both please your customers and make your job much easier.

2) Share product

Sharing a photo about an object or product is worth describing it in hundreds of words. Therefore, with a 15-second video, you can tell what you want to say in hundreds of words. Take your latest products on video according to the sector and field you do business and share them to give your potential customers an idea.

For example, if you are a beauty salon owner, you can share the makeup process on video, or if you run a cafe, you can video and share the way your barista makes delicious coffee.

3) Share special discounts and events

The 15 second video is long enough for a special sale and event sharing. If you are going to organize a contest or have a discount for a special product, you can share with your followers and potential customers what they will win or what they will have with the discount.

You can also send a special message to your followers by recording a video yourself, thus giving your brand a personality. Be sure to share what the discount or event is in the sharing section, and don’t forget to create the relevant hashtag to reach more users.

4) Interact with your followers via Hashtag

You can also send your followers to the relevant hashtag for the event or competition you have organized.Invite video sharing using . If the social media platform you use is Instagram, this is a very effective method in terms of brand awareness and interaction. In addition, thanks to this method, you can promote your events with very striking and different posts.

5) Personalize Your Brand

Thanks to social media, the communication distance between companies and their followers has disappeared. Brands are in constant interaction with their customers in real time. This is an effective method for companies to be more transparent and open.

Instagram video marketing strategy offers companies great opportunities to show their corporate culture, working environment and production stages to their customers. Thanks to video sharing on Insatgram, brands stand out from their competitors and show that they do not hide anything from their customers, both increasing trust in the brand and interacting more.

6) Increase engagement with Facebook

Sharing videos and photos creates more interaction if they are shared on Facebook in terms of comments and likes. It is a great advantage that Instagram videos are shared directly on Facebook in order to increase customer interaction and enable followers to ask questions, comment and repost.


Creating a

Instagram video marketing strategy not only increases engagement for new followers, but also offers many more useful features than Twitter’s Vine application, while giving you flexibility to interact with potential customers. By trying and sharing the video feature on Instagram, you can see how you interact with your followers more and your marketing strategy improves.

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