Instagram’da Takip Etmediğinin Hikayesine Bakmak

Instagram stories are popular among users. But many people can see my story who don’t follow me on Instagram? He also asks such questions. First of all, it should be mentioned that if your account is public, those who are not on the friends list can also see it.

For this, you need to either set the privacy or turn off the profile visibility to everyone. Thus, it is possible to share only for certain people. Another question that is curious about this subject is whether it is seen when looking at the stories of people who are not followed.

If a person is not on your follow list, they will appear in the story section. Although it is stated here that if some applications are used, they will not be seen, it should be noted. Because these applications require people to log in.

For this reason, third party applications access some important information such as username and password. It is recommended that people be careful against this.

Airplane Mode to Not See Stories Viewed on Instagram

If you want the owner of the story you are looking at not to see you, there are two methods you can choose. The first is to put the phone in airplane mode. This process is performed on both IOS and Android operating systems.

Here you first need to log into Instagram. Then, it takes a while for the stories on the main page to load on the device. Because even if people do not touch, necessary downloads are provided. Then only the phone is put into airplane mode.

Thus, not only the internet will be interrupted, but also the display information will not be transmitted to the other party. Thus, he will not be aware of the situation. If you delete Instagram data afterward, no data will be sent to the other party when airplane mode is turned off. However, it is recommended that you try it first and evaluate its accuracy.

Using Different Accounts to Disable Instagram Viewed Stories

It is quite easy to open a new membership account on Instagram. If you want Instagram story peek , here is a solution.

Since you will not use your own user information, in this case the other party will not understand who you are. But here, first of all, the other party must have an open account. Otherwise, you need to add him to your friend list.

Also, if the other party uses privacy settings without sharing their stories, you may still not be able to see them. Although you can see it without any problems, it is recommended to be fast. Because Instagram is very serious about fake accounts. It is possible that you will not be able to log into your account after a while because it deleted all of them.

Is There Any Trick To View Instagram Story?

When a user looks at the story on Instagram, information about it is transmitted to the other party. Thus, the sharer can easily understand whether you see it or not. Although it is not seen how many times you watched, many people think how view data will not go too.

Here, Instagram story view trick comes to everyone’s mind first. Although there is no cheating in this context, as we mentioned, there are some applications in this context. You can get many results as a result of research conducted in both English and Turkish.

However, caution is advised, as you are likely to log into these via your Instagram account. If you intend to use it without permission, the services of the application will not be used.

How to See Instagram Stories Viewers

Many users in Instagram wonder who visited their profile and who viewed their story. Although you can’t directly see who has viewed your profile and how much, stories do allow you to see it indirectly.

Because the ranking made here is for who entered the profile the most. In other words, the person who stalks you the most is shown in the first place. So, how can you tell who has viewed your stories?

For this, all you have to do is open the relevant story by tapping it. If you then scroll up, you can easily see who is viewing it. This information is only available to you.