Lili APP – Postegro Benzeri Uygulamalar

As social media platforms have developed, the programs and sites serving in this field have also advanced. In this respect, applications similar to Postegro will be investigated by many people in 2021. Although these have different features, they offer options such as inspecting the profile of private accounts. Some you can choose,

  1. Social Ghost,
  2. Analayz For Instagram,
  3. Profile+,
  5. Find My Stalker,
  6. Anonymous Story Viewer,
  7. StoryLab,
  8. It is

. These set up different options, from story editing to account analysis. Some of them can be downloaded from market applications, while others you need to find APK files.

Social Ghost

Social Ghost, offered to those using the iOS operating system, can be downloaded from the link Many features are free,

  1. Who likes your posts without following them,
  2. Users who follow but don’t follow back,
  3. Least and most popular of your posts,
  4. Searching for stories you’re curious about,
  5. Seeing the user profile in detail
  6. Do account analysis,
  7. Follower increase and decrease options,
  8. Secret fans of your account,

Here are just some of them. If you request to upgrade to the paid version, it costs 5.99 dollars.

Analayz For Instagram

If you want to use a website instead of Lili-like apps, provides the solution. Thus, it is possible to use it on your device with both Android and IOS operating systems.

  1. Stories Viewer,
  2. Instagram Viewer,
  3. Profile Analyzer,
  4. User Search,

It has such features as it is easy to use.


If you are using the IOS operating system and are looking for an option that you can use on your device, Profile+ can be preferred in this direction. But there are paid and free versions of the program. This app, which can analyze your social media account, costs $9.99 per month. However, if you want to use it for a year by paying annually, it is $39.99.


If you want to use Postegro-like apps for free, there are lots of options you can try. One of them can be given as Followers+. It is available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded via the link

There is also a subscription option for those who want it. In general terms, its features are as follows;

  1. See secret admirers of your account,
  2. Don’t make your shares in a planned way,
  3. See social media users who do not follow you back,
  4. Tracking links,
  5. Easily connect with fan users,
  6. Do a detailed analysis of your account,
  7. See the followers you lost and gained,
  8. See unfollowed people,

So it gives you lots of options.

Find My Stalker

Every social media user wonders who is stalking their account. Find My Stalker also offers this and many more options. Some of these are

  1. See stalkers,
  2. See who viewed your social media photo,
  3. Don’t see hidden fans,
  4. See who viewed your profile,
  5. It is

. It also offers subscription if you want.

Anonymous Story Viewer

Even the smallest app can be a problem if you don’t have room on your device. Therefore, sites like Postegro will step in here and help you. If you enter the link, you can find answers to many of your questions in a short time.


Every social media user wants to make their stories more interesting. At this point, StoryLab is among the options you can choose. It is suitable for Android OS users and has many options including brushes, backgrounds, texts and stickers.

It has a very large library and is very easy to use. Thanks to its small size, it allows you to get the stories you want practically.