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Facebook to go back to its old popular days He tries every way. Offering new features on a regular basis, Facebook has brought its feature this time for small shopkeepers. In this article, we will explain the details of the Small Craftsman Life Water: Facebook Shops Officially Introduced.

Facebook is known as the most popular social networking site used by billions of people. However, recently, the interest in the application has started to decrease due to the proliferation of different applications and the security problems frequently experienced in Facebook.


Facebook, lost It is constantly adding new features to regain its popularity. Facebook, which does not ignore the demands of its users, is making an effort to fulfill these demands in a short time.

In this context, a new feature has been prepared that will be small shopkeepers’ lifeline. Deciding to support small tradesmen who went through a very difficult period during the Corona virus period, Facebook activated the Facebook Shops section for this purpose.


Facebook Shops is an application prepared by Facebook for trades users. Through this application, it will be easier for shopkeepers to sell their products and it will be possible to reach wider audiences.

Facebook Shops has been prepared as a platform where small shopkeepers can exhibit their products, share catalogs and make sales. This platform is offered completely free of charge. Shopkeepers who are Facebook members have the right to sell all their products on this platform.


To use Facebook shops app You must have a Facebook account. It is possible to sell through this application, which is specially prepared for Facebook users. Thanks to this section, which is prepared especially for tradesmen whose business has come to a standstill due to the Corona virus and can no longer make a profit, it is possible to reach more people and increase their sales figures. product presentation. Thanks to this section, small shopkeepers who have the chance to reach not only the users around but also those living far away will have the chance to increase their sales by making them more profitable.


Facebook’s lifeline for small businessesFacebook Shops, which he prepared for , started to attract great attention in a short time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a positive answer to the question Is Facebook Shops used in Turkey for now.

Facebook Shops feature is currently only available to users living in the USA. has presented. It is not yet clear whether this feature will be used in Turkey in line with the reactions received in the future. It is thought that it will have the chance to reach more customers by using the applications.

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